All Souls Night October 25th – Light A Candle. Leave A Message

16 Oct

AllSoulsNightOct.25You are invited to All Souls Night Saturday, October 25th  6:00 pm – 10:00 pm at Mountain View Cemetery, 5455 Fraser Street.  This event is curated by artists Paula Jardine and Marina Szijart and was created to provide opportunities for the public to commemorate their dead with a family-oriented community art event. The Celebration Hall will be open 6:00 -9:00 pm for tea and personal memorial making. Artists and community members will come together to create a sanctuary for remembrance and reflection. You are encouraged to bring a lantern and candles as well as photos if you wish to create a memorial for a loved one. Also, at 7:11 pm, you can be witness to the Premiere of “11” which will be a site-specific performance of Mark Haney’s composition commemorating 11 individuals who served in the World Wars. Cued by a solo trumpet, every 11 minutes brass instruments placed around the central area of the cemetery will tell their 11 individual stories in concert, their sounds harmonizing over the landscape through which visitors are walking. Inspired by the stories of WWII veterans who settled in Renfrew Heights. The piece celebrates an often forgotten part of Vancouver’s history. The event takes place rain or shine.  To learn more about All Souls Night and events that continue to November 2nd visit a Night For All Souls.

The departed they visit us in dreams. They glide across our memories like shadows over streams.
Inscription on a headstone at Mountain View Cemetery.

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