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Coming Soon … An EastVan Community Kitchen Space – The Uncommissary

8 Apr

TheUncomissaryLogoComing soon an East Van community kitchen space at 477 Powell Street The Uncommissary.  From what we are hearing this will be an amazing creative space.  Organizers of this space, Luc and Lisa Leimanis, are on the hunt for local food companies wanting to join a community kitchen that provides some of the usual items including stoves, ovens, prep tables, walk-in coolers and freezers, storage, dishwasher and parking. That call went out and the response was swift being there is a lack of community kitchen space in Vancouver.  Their plan is to have three stations within the community kitchen that is well stocked for foodie professionals to make their wares. They will also have space for two food carts and other food production companies. Also on the drawing board is a store and café called The Uncommon which will be open Monday to Friday. The store will sell the products that are made in house and where possible they will work those products into the menu in the café.  The aim is to be open some Saturdays for community BBQs.  The Uncommon will also be available for rent in the evenings for pop-up events as well as some in store events that they plan to host.  At present, they are working through the regulatory process and renovations, but plan to be up and running (provided all goes smoothly) in June. We look forward to welcoming this new venture to East Vancouver.  Watch this space for updates.TheUnCommonSpices

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