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Foto Friday – For The Love Of Pie

2 Sep

PieTheShoppeLast Sunday we checked out the new digs of The Pie Shoppe’s new Powell Street location at the foot of Victoria. They had a soft opening this past Saturday, August 27th. This is bright white beautiful space with reclaimed wood tables and dotted with plants and an amazing selection of records. It is situated in great company, with neighbours like Bistro Wagon Rogue right next door and Doan’s Craft Brewing across the street, not to mention Scandillious just around the corner. So one could easily do their own food and beer walking tour with a number of other breweries within easy walking distance such as Parallel 49 Brewing. Last Sunday though we came for the pie and the Pie Making Workshop which was a lot of fun. The Pie Shoppe is run by two sisters, Stephanie and Andrea French, who truly are the masters of pie, specifically the pie dough making it look well, easy as pie. Anyone that’s made pie dough knows there are some variations and it takes some practice to get that crust just right.  We left our workshop with a perfect pie which was filled with peaches, nectarines, a few cherries a bit of vanilla bean syrup, cinnamon and cardamom.  It was truly an amazing pie which earned us rave reviews from family and friends.  Whether you wish to learn how to make your own pie, sweet or savoury, or just stop by and taste a slice, do check out The Pie Shoppe on Powell Street.  The French sisters have a couple more workshops coming up this month and if you can’t make those, more are planned as they settle into their new space.  


Foto Friday – Cocktails & Cats

24 Jun

OddSociety_BCBramble0605_PhotoCreditRD_Cane_croppedAs it’s Friday, we are hankering for cocktails and we are lucky to have some great spots in East Van for just that. One of our fav spots for drinking them that we don’t get to as often as we’d like is Odd Society Spirits. Of course, our friends at Sips Cocktail Emporium are always ready to help you put together that perfect cocktail at home. So today, on the beginning of a summer weekend, we bring you a few of our favourite cocktail photos courtesy of Odd Society Spirits and a fine photographer RD Cane. So where do the cats come in you ask? Well now that I have your attention with the cocktails, we’ve learnt that 2 cats we’ve featured Lenny and Sky are STILL waiting for their forever homes at the Vancouver SPCA. Plus a new kitty has been brought our attention which we have a soft spot for Phyllis. She was surrendered to the BC SPCA just over 2 months ago and is the sweetest girl. She does have a heart condition, but does not require any specialized care just monitoring. If you don’t snap her up, we just might.  We’ve included links for more information on Phyllis, Sky and Lenny.  Meow and Cheers!


Foto Friday – Bee Loving Flowers

3 Jun

YellowRoseBABsThe warmer weather brings an array of beautiful blooms. These days we are taking more of an interest in those flowers that attract bees such as lavender, poppies and sunflowers.  We recently did a little investigating into which flowers are most attractive to bees. Did you know it’s single petal flowers? Apparently, a single row of petals is more attractive and easier for bees to reach the pollen.  We found a simple rundown on Wikihow that sets out a great list of tips and plants including herbs, shrubs and trees. Some of the plants listed include Asters, Cosmos, Clover, Crocuses, Dahlias, Floxglove, Geraniums,  Hollyhocks, Hyacinths, Marigolds, Poppies, Roses, Snowdrops, Sunflowers and Zinnias. If you prefer herbs, there’s a long list that bees favour including mint, rosemary and sage.  For more ideas and information, check out Wikihow’s How To Attract Honey Bees. So on this week’s Foto Friday, we leave you with some photos of stunning florals we’ve captured in our neighbourhood which we’ve seen the bees buzzing around.


Foto Friday – Spring Time In East Van

6 May

MelWooWilderSnailSpring is officially arrived on March 20th and with it came the sunshine, Spring flowers and gosslings and ducklings. We recently enjoyed a perfect sunny Sunday wandering around East Van. Starting off at June Hunter’s Studio Sale, we managed to capture a pic of some stunning tulips in her idyllic backyard which is where her studio is located. After that a trip to Strathcona brought us to the Wilder Snail with a wander by MacLean Park which was bustling with people enjoying the sunshine and green space.  Which inspired a walk over to Strathcona Community Gardens which we found on last year’s East Van Garden Tour.  To top off the day, it was a stop at La Casa Gelato for ice cream in the sunshine.  We managed to capture some cool pics of our wander in and around East Vancouver.  Thought we’d share them with you. Photo Credit: Mel Woo

MelWooTulips MelWooRafters MelWooPurpleFlower MelWooPianoStrathconaCommGardens MelWooDucklingsMelWooKidMacLeanParkMelWooDuckStrathCommGarden






Foto Friday – We Feature Photos of Graffiti Art In East Van By Benee Rubin

29 Apr

BeneeRubinYogiOn today’s Foto Friday, we’ve invited Benee Rubin to share some of her amazing photos of street art that she has taken on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. If you are unfamiliar with the name, Benee Rubin is a local jewellery designer and goldsmith.  One of her projects that previously caught our eye was the East Van Cross Jewellery which she created to help raise funds for Crabtree Corner. Crabtree Corner helps marginalized women and families living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Benee has also takes amazing photographs of graffiti art which we would like to share with you today.  If you would like to check out more of Benee’s work, whether her jewellery or her photos, we invite you to check out her website We hope you enjoy the amazing art she is able to capture in these photos.BeneeRubinBike BeneeRubinDance BeneeRubinDog&Man  BeneeRubinJailBird BeneeRubinNativeArt BeneeRubinPhoto BeneeRubinWhale 246 Benee Rubin Final pair P1160628 P1160655BeneeRubinWindow

Foto Friday – The Ethereal Clouds Over East Van

22 Apr

ThundercloudsEastVanMelWooOn this week’s Foto Friday we would like to feature some of the amazing cloud formations that cast an ethereal glow over East Van every now and again. Full disclosure though, we’ve had a fascination with clouds from a very young age. I have fond memories of lying on the front lawn of our East Van home and guessing what each cloud formation shape represented, was it a sheep, a dog, a horse or rabbit, it was free flowing brainstorming at a very young age.  So we’ve managed to capture a few pics of some of the beautiful cloud formations over East Van and share them with you today. Happy Friday.

SS2 SSClouds1 SunriseClouds2  SunriseMorningClouds

Foto Friday – Featuring June Hunter’s Images of East Van

15 Apr


On this week’s Foto Friday we asked June Hunter to share some of her photos of East Van. We must admit we’ve been following this artist for many years. We used to pop into Doctor Vigari Gallery on Commercial Drive which usually has some of her work on hand.  For those that are unfamiliar with June’s work, nature features prominently in her work as do the many iconic symbols that represent East Van.  June’s work has been featured in Style at Home, House & Home, Where Vancouver and CBC’s Living Vancouver.  Today, we are featuring some of her photos taken in and our East Vancouver.   If you would like to see more of June’s work, we invite you to visit her website at June Hunter Images. If you wish, to see her work in person, you are luck she will be having a Spring Studio Sale at the end of the month. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this collection of her photos as much as we do.

















Foto Friday – The East Van Cross

8 Apr

The East Van Cross as well as being art is also a symbol. It means different things to different people. We know some people don’t like it, entirely their prerogative.  We must say though we do like it. It was designed by Ken Lum and erected in 2010. Wikipedia sites it as symbolizing “the city’s Eastern half, traditionally less wealthy and harder-edged”.  East Van is continually evolving, but there is a certain scrappiness to it we love as well which are glad to call home.  We know there are many photos taken of this iconic piece of art from various angles, so we finally took a wander one night to take our own photos.  As it turned out, it was Earth Hour and the lights were out. We gave it a whirl anyway and came away with this shot, which we quite liked.  Hope you enjoy it as well. Happy Friday.



Foto Friday – Victoria Drive … The Other Drive

1 Apr

March28,2016 252I have lived just off of Victoria Drive for almost 20 years and it’s a great stretch of road from the Fraser River to the Burrard Inlet.  It has many diversions along the way including the Victoria Diversion which connects it with Commercial Drive.  It sometimes feels like the little brother overshadowed by it’s bigger  more popular brother, The Drive (aka Commercial Drive). Victoria Drive doesn’t get the opportunity to shine quite as often or get the recognition it deserves. Victoria Drive is home to many long standing business such as the Vancouver Alpen Club at 33rd Avenue, many great ethnic restaurants from 54th to Kingsway and relative newcomer Second Nature Home on Victoria’s Diversion. Victoria Drive is also home to Trout Lake Community Centre as well as some unique new townhome developments located almost directly across the way. The structures are quite a contrast to some of the older character homes along this stretch of road.  Along Victoria Drive, there are some personal favourites including Figaro’s Gardens, Via Tevere Pizzeria and The Found and the Freed to name just a few.  We think this a pretty unique stretch of road filled with it’s own unique character and charm. So on this Foto Friday, we wanted to feature the many faces of Victoria Drive. Although we didn’t capture it all, here’s a snippet.

March28,2016 238  March28,2016 242March28,2016 243March28,2016 250  March28,2016 263March28,2016 260March28,2016 248March28,2016 251March28,2016 268March28,2016 265March28,2016 258March28,2016 253March28,2016 241

Foto Friday – Sunrise & Sunset

25 Mar

SS1Sunrise, sunset. We are so fortunate to live on the West Coast and experience so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Living on the Fraser River for many years now has afforded some amazing views. We get our share of moments when we just stop walking as we are awestruck by the simple beauty of nature. Today, we share some of our favourite pics of the sunrise and sunsets we’ve collected over the years. Note, no filters have been used for any of these photos. The colours are that of the sky. We hope you enjoy and have your own opportunity get out and enjoy the nature that surrounds us this long weekend.


Sunrise3  SunriseBlue SunriseBlue2 SunriseClouds  SunriseMorningClouds2 SunriseMorningOrange SunriseClouds2SunriseSofter SunriseSofter2   SunsetBeauty SunsetDark  SSDusk2 SSDusk SSClouds1 SunsetLast

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