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100 In 1 Day – Global Festival of Civic Engagement Comes to Vancouver June 6th

4 Jun

100In1DayYVR100 in 1 Day is happening in Vancouver this Saturday, June 6th. The idea is to bring hundreds of people together on ONE day and each take one small action to improve their city. This is in fact a global festival of civic engagement returning to Metro Vancouver for its second year.  Organizers are encouraging small initiatives to spark change. Everyone is invited to come out and participate. And really, the beginning of any journey, just takes that first step, then another and so on.  We’ve set out a listing of the events happening in East Vancouver, but if you’d like to see the full listing of events, visit 100 In 1 Day Vancouver.

ProVibers People’s Picnic – Victoria Park

This event is hosted by the ProVibers. They would like to see a happy and more connected Vancouver so they are hosting a community potluck in Victoria Park from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm on Saturday, June 6th.   You are invited to bring food for the potluck, music, games and an openness to meet new people. Their aim is to build community connections in our neighbourhood.

Britannia School Garden Salad Picnic – Britannia School Garden

This event is hosted by the Grandview Woodland Food Connection. Organizers of this event would like people to experience the magic of eating fresh healthy food picked straight from the garden. Organizers invite community residents to come and enjoy the simplicity of eating a freshly picked salad together.  The site is the beautiful Britannia School Garden which is abundant with fresh greens. You will pick veggies for a salad, prepare a healthy salad dressing and savor the taste of eating a fresh salad. While doing this, you will  meet people in your community who are passionate about urban sustainability.  This event begins at 1:00 pm and runs till 3:00 pm on June 6th.  All you need bring if you wish, is a picnic blanket, the rest is provided.

Stories of East Van – Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House

This event is hosted by Christine Nguyen and Eimon Yin. They are looking to connect spaces and people in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage community.  They will be hosting a one hour walking tour highlight the diversity of history, culture and interesting stories that abound in the very places we live and play but often forget to appreciate. There will be two tours offered. One begins in front of Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House at 9:00 am.  The second tour starts at the SouthEast corner of East Broadway & Victoria Drive at 10:30 a.m. As each tour has limited spaces available, you are asked to sign up at Eventbrite.

Love and Letters in the Library Lounge – Kensington Library

This event is hosted by Sarah Green. What do you love about your city, community or neighbours? You are invited to come hang out  and through conversation or typewritten notes share information about your community.  At this event, you will be seated in a mini-lounge where people can come and relax, sit for a moment and maybe meet a neighbor. You will be invited to use a typewriter or write a short love note about your current or future community.  Sarah hopes to highlight where people find value in their surroundings, build connections and share information.

“Every journey starts with a single step.” – Confucius

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