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Foto Friday – The East Van Cross

8 Apr

The East Van Cross as well as being art is also a symbol. It means different things to different people. We know some people don’t like it, entirely their prerogative.  We must say though we do like it. It was designed by Ken Lum and erected in 2010. Wikipedia sites it as symbolizing “the city’s Eastern half, traditionally less wealthy and harder-edged”.  East Van is continually evolving, but there is a certain scrappiness to it we love as well which are glad to call home.  We know there are many photos taken of this iconic piece of art from various angles, so we finally took a wander one night to take our own photos.  As it turned out, it was Earth Hour and the lights were out. We gave it a whirl anyway and came away with this shot, which we quite liked.  Hope you enjoy it as well. Happy Friday.



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