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Vancouver Brewery Tours Starts Walking Tours In Brewery Creek

17 May

VBTLogoAre you interested in getting a little fresh air and tasting a little craft beer along the way? Well Vancouver Brewery Tours has just announced a new tour that combines these two things perfectly, the Walking Tour of Brewery Creek. This area of Vancouver plays host to some great up-and-coming breweries and at the turn of the century, was in fact a vibrant local brewery scene. It now is home to Main Street Brewing, Brassneck Brewery and many others.  You can now explore this area on a guided tour which starts off at CRAFT Beer Market in the heart of the Olympic Village. From there, you will walk to Main Street Brewing, Brassneck Brewery and R&B Brewing (soon be R&B Pizza and Alehouse).  The tour will take approximately 3 ½ hours and will include 3 behind the scenes brewery tours with some very knowledgeable tour guides and well, of course, beer tastings.   The tours will run on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 2:00 pm at a cost of $65. You can reserve your seat online anytime, just visit Vancouver Brewery Tours. Cheers!VBTWalkingTour


Foto Friday – Collaboration of Art & Beer At Callister Brewing

19 Feb

IMG_3178If you follow us regularly, you may know we love our East Van community and aspire to inspire that sense of community.  So with that in mind, in today’s Foto Friday, we would like to give a shout out to Callister Brewing. As well as being one of East Van’s newer breweries, it is also a collaborative brewery which features 4 brewers under one roof, being Callister Brewing, Machine Ales, Brewery Creek & Real Cask Brewing. Basically it’s a commissary for beer makers and on talking to some of the brewers recently, you really get a sense of the collaboration amongst them which is quite prevalent in the craft beer community as a whole.  Callister Brewing, outside of making great beer, also collaborates with artists and features work curated by Lee and Bon Roberts. You will also see their art featured amongst the walls. Originally from East Van, they now live on the Sunshine Coast but collaborate to bring other artists work into the brewery to showcase. No commission changes hands, it’s purely a collaboration in its purest form.  So today, we would like to feature some photos of the art work currently up on the walls of Callister Brewing. Note, all the pieces are for sale. To see them in person, pop by for a beer and see them first hand.

IMG_3176 IMG_3177  IMG_3181CallisterBrewingArtBirdLeeRobertsIMG_3179

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