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Rescue Me: Genie Rottweiler Shepherd Cross Looking For Her Forever Home

10 Jun

GenieSPCAWelcome to the next installment of Rescue Me in which we feature pets waiting for adoption at the Vancouver SPCA. Today we would like to introduce you to a lovely playful girl named Genie. Genie came to the Vancouver SPCA by way of the Drives for Lives program. She is a 5 year old Rottweiler German Shepherd cross and her friends at the Vancouver SPCA think she will have you wrapped around her paw in no time.   Genie is a cheeky playful girl with personality plus.  She lived on a reserve in Prince Rupert and has had a few litters and although a fantastic mom to all her pups, her friends at the SPCA now think it’s time for her to be babied a bit.  Genie loves people of all shapes and sizes. She can be a bit reactive to other dogs so she needs a dog-savvy guardian who is able to work with her on this. Genie has likely never lived inside of a home environment, but she has quickly discovered that she loves everything about it. She particularly likes tossing her toys around the SPCA’s reception area and rolling around their couch.  Nothing is off limits for Genie and she is quite comical at times so sure to bring her new guardians lots of joy. The Vancouver SPCA does feel her new guardians will need to work with her on some basic obedience training and gradual departure exercises as she may initially be anxious in her new environment. She is known to be an escape artist, so leash walks or a home with a fully fenced yard is a must.  Her friends at the Vancouver SPCA also think it’s best that she be the only pet in the household so she get the undivided love and attention she deserves.  If you think you can give Genie a new home, the Vancouver SPCA Shelter, 1205 East 7th Avenue would love to hear from you. You can reach the Vancouver SPCA by telephone at 604-879-7721 or by email at vancouver@spca.bc.ca. As always, we are grateful for those that share this information.

Rescue Me:  Benny – Labrador Retriever Looking For His Forever Home

21 Jul

BennySPCAwithToyIn our next installment of Rescue Me where we feature pets looking for adoption at the Vancouver SPCA, we introduce you to Benny.  He is a wonderful 7 year old Labrador Retriever with a beautiful flaxen coat.  Benny came to the Vancouver SPCA through a call to the cruelty line as neighbours had noticed he had been tethered on a back deck for weeks.  They believe the guardian eventually returned to check on him and bring food and water. When it was apparent he had been abandoned, Vancouver SPCA officers brought Benny to the Vancouver Shelter.   His friends at the Vancouver SPCA believe he was kept in the yard often, but not all the time as he is alert and very aware of people. Although initially nervous with staff, he has shown to be a smart and playful boy who loves his balls, toys and sticks.   He knows several commands including sit, paw, high-five and sit pretty.  His idea of heaven = belly rubs. Benny has shown to be a sweet boy, but will require a quieter adult only home with people that are savvy and experienced with dog behaviour.    If you can provide a forever home for Benny, or know someone who can, the Vancouver SPCA would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact them by stopping by the Vancouver SPCA Shelter, 1205 East 7th Avenue, or by Telephone: 604.879.7721 or Email: vancouver@spca.bc.ca. As always, we thank you in advance for sharing this information to help Benny find his forever home.

Rescue Me: Penni Looking For Her Forever Home

24 Jun


Welcome to our next installment of Rescue Me where we help spread the word of pets waiting to be adopted at the Vancouver SPCA. Today, we introduce you to darling Penni. She is a senior female Terrier Cross looking for her forever home. This lovely little girl has lots of love to give and is looking for human companions who are willing to shower this girl with some love. Penni loves going for walks and being outdoors and is friendly with other dogs.  Thus, her friends at the Vancouver SPCA think she would be happy in a home with another canine friend.  This girl is used to having someone at home, therefore would need a bit of time to adjust to being left alone.   Penni  does need someone with a schedule that will allow them to take her for frequent outings so she’ll learn to do her business outdoors, though she is pee-pad trained.  Although Penni is a bit shy at first, she warms up quickly and is full of joy and will welcome you with her endlessly wagging tail followed by snuggles on your lap. This lovely little girl is waiting ever so patiently for someone to love, and a home to call her own.   For more information or to meet Penni, please contact the Vancouver SPCA Shelter, 1205 East 7th Avenue, Telephone: 604.879.7721 or Emal: vancouver@spca.bc.ca.   Penni is currently in foster care, but Vancouver SPCA staff will be happy to introduce you. As always, feel free to share this post with your friends to help Penni find her forever home.

UPDATE: Penni has found her forever home.

Rescue Me: Jade, Happy English Springer Spaniel Looking For Her Forever Home

19 Sep


My name is Jade,  I am an adult brown and white English Springer Spaniel. I am looking for a new home as my elderly guardian was no longer able to lead the active lifestyle I needed.   So my temporary home is a foster home my friends at the Vancouver SPCA Shelter have found for me. I would really like a forever home.   I am very happy girl and smile a lot as you can see in my pictures.  I am a bit shy and nervous when meeting new people and dogs, but I do like both.  I also love to go for walks.  I am used to having someone at home most of the day, so I might need a little help with gradual departure exercises to get me a bit more comfortable about being left alone.  I would really like to find my forever home.  Could it be yours? If not yours, could you tell your friends I’m looking? Wet kisses by way of thank you and please tell my friends at the Vancouver SPCA.

UPDATE October 7, 2013: Jade has found her forever home and is so very happy now and thankful for everyone’s help.



Rescue Me: Brandy Looking For Her Forever Home

16 Aug


Brandy is a goofy 5 year old female pitbull mix who loves other dogs and is great with people. She is house broken, loves to walk, swim and play and is easy to walk. She is also a big fan of snuggles, belly rubs and playing with toys.  She needs a home that can offer physical and mental stimulation and would be best suited to a home without cats and with older children.   Brandy has watched many dogs come into the Vancouver SPCA and be adopted while she sits and waits for her  forever guardians to arrive.  The SPCA cannot believe this affectionate love bug is still in their care.   If you are interested in giving Brandy her forever home, or even a foster home while she waits for her forever home, the Vancouver SPCA would love to hear from you. To learn more about Brandy, contact the Vancouver SPCA at T: 604.879.7721 or by email at Vancouver@spca.bc.ca

As always, we are grateful to those willing to share this information with others so Brandy can find her forever home.

UPDATE: Brandy has found her forever home. She’s a very happy girl.

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