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East Van Panto: The Wizard Of Oz At The York November 26, 2018 to January 6, 2019

6 Nov

EastVanPantoWizardOfOzWe are admittedly huge fans of the East Van Panto. This has become a fun holiday tradition for us.  We can’t imagine Christmas without it.  This year The East Van Panto celebrates its 6th season with the presentation of The Wizard of Oz. In this year’s storyline, we hear that a pipeline has burst and Dorothy and Toto are flung to the magical Land Of Oz (also known as Nanaimo and Hastings).  There, Dorothy is pursued by the Wicked Witch and embarks on a journey to the World’s Greenest City in search of brains, heart, courage and yes, yoga pants!  The East Van Panto always pokes great fun at the quirky things that make our City unique.   Come laugh a little at yourself and our fair City.  Tickets for the East Van Panto start at $24 for children 16 and under. Family packs are available for $146. To get your tickets, visit The Cultch.  For families on a tight budget, take note that The Cultch is offering $29 tickets on November 28th & 29th at 7:00 pm. They recently offered Housing Crisis Prices on a number of their productions. To get the special rate for this and other Cultch performances, visit Housing Crisis Prices.

Rescue Me: Dorothy Is Not Only Looking for Her Ruby Slippers, But A Forever Home

16 Apr


Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Dorothy, I am a 9 year old female cat with tortoise shell hair and stunning olive green eyes. OK so I’m not modest.  I have been hanging out at the Vancouver SPCA Shelter for a while as my previous guardians moved and left me behind. Which means I’m looking for a new home. Might you have room for me?  Promise, I will give you lots of loves and cuddles, I am VERY affectionate.  Psst, don’t tell the other cats or they might get jealous, but I recently had a bit of work done on my teeth, so they are pearly white now.   Oh I guess I should mention, I am a bit of chunky monkey, but I prefer curvy thank you.  My friends here at the SCPA say I will have to lose a few pounds, so bit of play time would help with that. So do you wanna play?  I’m at the Vancouver SPCA Shelter, 1205 East 7th Avenue and would love a play date and a snuggle.  If we get along, you could take me home.  I’d really like that.  You can me reach my friends at the Vancouver SPCA by phone at 604.879.7721, or by email at vancouver@spca.bc.ca.  If you wish to share my story with your friends, so I have a better chance of finding a new forever home, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

UPDATED May 4, 2014: Dorothy has found her forever home.

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