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6th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival January 16 – February 14

12 Jan

HotCocoaThe 6th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival presented by CityFood Magazine is back again. The event runs from January 16 to February 14 in various locations around Vancouver. There are over 24 chocolateries and cafes participating in this year’s event. Each venue will make one or more special hot chocolates which will only be available during the festival. We expect some delicious concoctions to tantalize your taste buds.  In East Vancouver, lots of personal favourite spots are participating in this year’s festival including East Van Roasters, French Made Baking in Mount Pleasant. As well as Schokolade Artisan Chocolate in the Hastings Sunrise area. They are offering a hot chocolate that will have us running over. It’s called I Need You! and has 100% dark chocolate, double foam and caramel expresso and is garnished with dark chocolate meringue. Hello!  Last Crumb Cafe on Main Street also has us drooling with both of their selections. One titled His Lordship HC is a vanilla Early Grey hot chocolate served with a vanilla bean butter cookie plus their Bananarama which we hear tastes like a chocolate banana cream pie sounds pretty amazing. New to the festival this year is 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters + Lucky’s  Doughnuts, Earnest Ice Cream (Quebec Street location only) and Railtown Café whose offering is a Pandance With Me which is a lime leaf and chili infused coconut milk hot chocolate served with a housemade pandan whippet cookie. Wowzers! To see the full list of venues participating, check out City Food Magazine’s Calendar of Events.

New In Town: Lupii Café – Vancouver’s First Zero Waste Café

10 Aug

lupii_logoWe would like to introduce to Vancouver’s first zero waste café, Lupii Café. Lupii Café is located at 7743 Champlain Crescent in Champlain Heights. This husband and wife team have assumed the location of the former Champlain Video a long standing part of the community in Champlain Heights. This is a very unique space and is set up to be a community gathering space on many levels from the long table in the back of the café for a bit of privacy to the comfy chairs when you first walk in next to a small library and kids toys. The owners of Lupii Cafe feel strongly in supporting community which is evidenced by their passion for local. Their coffee comes from East Van Roasters, produce from local farms including Hop On Farms down the road on Marine Way in Burnaby and Krause Berry Farms in Langley. Everything is from within British Columbia. It should come as no surprise then, that they are big supporters of ‘ugly fruit’ especially when it comes to making smoothies. If you haven’t heard about ‘ugly fruit’, it is an idea that started in France in which ugly and disfigured fruit is sold at a reduced price to help reduce food waste. Their passion for local includes supporting local artisans. You will find a small display area that features some locally made items such as Raw Soap & Skincare, Basic Design, Wood Shop Products and the beautiful art work on display.

Lupii Café strives to be a zero waste café which certainly has had its challenges for the owners, but they seem to take each one on and find a creative solution.  Everything in this café has been recycled, upcycled and reused.  On walking in the cafe, we noticed some tables that had a very unique design, but that looked familiar. We learnt it was flooring from a basketball court that had been flooded out at Stratford Hall off of Commercial Drive and had to be removed. When you walk up to the counter for your coffee or smoothie, you will see many pieces from the display of the former Champlain Video. If you are looking for items to go such as a coffee, smoothie or salad, there are no take out containers. What you can do is put down a $2.00 deposit on a mason jar and bring it back to get your $2.00, or you can reuse it.

The food offerings at Lupii Café are vegetarian with gluten-free and vegan options. They also have a regular supply of sweets on hand which change depending on what is in season. Plum squares were on offer when we stopped in, but we hear their Whoppie Pies are pretty popular as is their cheesecake. They also offer salads and wraps. When you pay for your purchase, you will notice there is a tip jar. Take note though, Lupii Café owners are proponents of the living wage so instead the tip jar is used for community events. Lupii Café is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm save for a stretch from August 20th to September 1st when they are doing Holiday Hours from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. We invite you to stop by and check out this unique community space.

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