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Vancouver Queer Film Festival August 13 – 23

7 Aug

VancouverQueerFilmThe Vancouver Queer Film Festival kicks off on August 13th and runs until August 23rd at various theatres around Vancouver. This film festival showcases over 70 films from 21 countries with themes ranging from transgender trailblazers to spectacular queer con artists. There will be two films showing in East Vancouver at the Rio Theatre on Friday, August 14th namely:

The Coast is Queer 6:30 pm

Is a series of grassroots shorts which offer a tantalizing view of BC’s queer film pie including Polarity, Soak and The Future Perfect. There will also be sneak peak of the The Out-Laws an inaugural episode of a coming web series.

Grandma 9:30 pm

Lily Tomlin fans can rejoice as she’s clearly having a ball in Grandma. This film is a rousing, exhilarating joyride that brings limitless energy and a decidedly un-Hollywood approach to storytelling about three generations of women. Here, the carefree feminist plot reveals itself early when Elle’s granddaughter Sage shows up on her doorstep seeking $600 for an abortion. Neither of them has the money so they set out on a road trip (in Grandma’s own 1955 Dodge Royal) to get it without involving Sage’s mom, Judy. Their journey sparks new life in Elle, a self-described misanthrope who’s been grieving the loss of her long-term love. You will also see supporting performances by Laverne Cox, Judy Greer, and Sam Elliott. This is touted as a sharply funny and warm film and you only get once chance to see it.

To check out the full line of films playing during Vancouver Queen Film Festival, check out the Schedule online. Tickets are also available in advance online.

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