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20th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl November 17-20

15 Nov

eastsidecrawl2016The Eastside Culture Crawl is back for 4 days starting Thursday, November 17th.  This is a special year as the Crawl celebrates its 20th anniversary.  This 4 day arts extravaganza features over 500 artists in and around the heart of East Vancouver. Artists with a variety of mediums open their studio doors so you can see first hand their working space, their creative process and of course meet the artisans. On the Crawl, you will meet painters, jewelers, sculptors, textile artists, furniture makers, weavers, potters, printmakers, wood carvers, photographers and so much more. The event grows each year and now comprises over 80 buildings from Main Street to Victoria Drive and First Avenue to Powell Street.  This year, the Crawl has a couple of new artists joining the event.

Engelbert Romero does fine arts photography and digital art and is located in Octopus Studios at 393 Powell Street.  Engelbert is a fine arts photographer originally from Venezuela.  His pieces aengelbertre based on architecture-inspired images.  He uses a digital camera to take photos of buildings, lines and patterns while keeping an eye out for unique shapes and forms.  He likes to capture images not evident to the naked eye.   We invite you to check out his work at Octopus Studios which we note is a hop skip and jump from the very popular McKenzie Room. We have featured one of his pieces below.

Aurelia Bizouard paints with tempered glass and plexiglass is located at 321 Railway Street in Railtown Studios.  Aurelia works in GLASSISM which is not easily defined but is a aureliatype of art working on glass and acrylic as a medium. She came up with the word GLASSISM, a visual art movement made out of paint on glass.  We invite you to check out  urelia’s beautiful pieces at Railtown Studios. She’s located a hop, skip and jump from Ask for Luigi. Of course, the Settlement Building is close to both these studios which offers bites, beer and wine.

While on the Crawl, we invite you to check out a very cool event happening at the Charles Clark Gallery located in Strange Fellow Brewing, 1345 Clark Drive. It is the 3rd Annual Film and Video Projection Series called Moving Art. This event takes place daily from November 17th – 20th from Noon to 11:00 pm.  Moving Art features evocative, art-based, contemporary silent films. So pop in and sample some great beer and check out art at the same time.  

What we love about the Eastside Culture Crawl is that there is no set schedule. You go where you want on The Crawl for as long as you want. There are of course so many great spots to stop for a bite and drink along the way. Whether you are in Strathcona, off the Drive, Railtown, Hastings Sunrise, Downtown Eastside or off the growing stretch off Clark Drive, there are countless options for coffee, beer, food and wine. To help guide you through some of the art available, the Eastside Culture Crawl has a great rundown of all the artists on their website including a printable .PDF map to help you find your way. The Crawl runs November 17th and 18th  from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturday, November 19th  and Sunday, November 20th from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. See you on the Crawl.


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