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Pet Photos With Santa At Vancouver SPCA Saturday December 6th

5 Dec

pet-photos-with-santa-1Come out and support the Vancouver SPCA this Saturday, December 6th by bringing your pet for a photo with Santa. The event will take place at the BC Vancouver SPCA Branch, 1205 East 7th Avenue, from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. For a minimum $20 donation, you will receive a digital photograph with 100% of the proceeds going to support the animals in the Vancouver Shelter.

While you are at the shelter, feel free to drop off an item from their Wish List. The Vancouver SPCA is always grateful to receive donations in kind of items such as canned cat & dog food for the finicky eaters and treats for both cats & dogs. Of course, toys to keep animals from getting bored or frustrated are graciously accepted as well. Every donation counts no matter how small. If you wish to see the other items the Vancouver SPCA is grateful to receive, visit their website at Vancouver SPCA. Thank you for helping support the great work the staff and volunteers do at the Vancouver SPCA.

East Van Photographer: Tanya King

18 Dec


East Vancouver is filled with a wealth of creative energy that is uniquely our own.   You see it every day in the music, the art, the photographs, the live theatre, the writings, the comedy and on it goes. During the recent Eastside Culture Crawl, I must say I was in awe of the many talented artists showcasing their work.  It inspired me to showcase some of the talent that is among us. 

As an animal lover, one photographer that caught my eye with her amazing photographs is Tanya King.  She is able to capture that bit of personality in pets that is not always so easy to do. I speak from experience.  Having had a Newfoundland dog that came from a family of show dogs, I spent many hours taking countless photos to get just that perfect photo. Although I did manage a few great photos, it was no easy feat. As we move to more digital photographs, we don’t see as many framed or printed photographs.


If you would like that perfect framed picture of your pet, I invite you to check out the work of Tanya King.  She manages to take some pretty spectacular shots, being that pets are always on the move and don’t sit quiet and pretty when you want them to. Usually quite the opposite.  With Christmas around the corner, I thought giving a gift certificate to receive a session with Tanya would make a wonderful memorable gift for that animal lover. Subtle hint to those family and friends reading this post.

Tanya worked with renowned photographer, Hans Sipma, for 8 years and you will see her photographs in Modern Dog Magazine.  Outside of spending time assisting local pet adoption agencies and shelters by donating her time and skills to help animals find loving homes, Tanya does pet photo sessions in her studio. Her studio is located in the Parker Studios, 1000 Parker Street, in East Vancouver.   Each session takes about 30 – 45 minutes.   You can also have the entire shoot of photos put into one photo book with 25 – 30 images which would also make a wonderful keepsake and fantastic gift.  Gift certificates for Tanya’s photo sessions are available. You can find prices listed on her website.

You can see in the photos that Tanya loves animals, it is the only way she is able to take the photos she does.  Animals have a very innate sense of who they like and trust.  Tanya generally photographs cats and dogs, but will soon be turning her eye to photographing horses.  Although, I have included a sampling of her photos here, I invite you to check out her photos online, they are pretty spectacular.

TanyaKingDaisyDog TanyaKingPomeranian TanyaKingDachsund TanyaKingCockatoo


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