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Vancouver’s Zero Waste Centre = No Excuses

10 Apr

ZeroWasteWe recently stopped by Vancouver’s new Zero Waste Centre located in SE Vancouver at 8588 Yukon Street just off Marine Drive near Cambie. This facility takes a long list of recyclable items for free. It’s well organized with lots of signage as well as attendants to point you in the right direction or answer any questions. We had been carrying around some used LED light bulbs we had hoped to recycle, which it turned out the Zero Waste Centre did not take, but with lightening speed the attendant pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket with a map and address of the South Van Bottle Depot two blocks over which did take the bulbs. So if the Zero Waste Centre doesn’t take something, we’d venture a guess they would be able to tell you who would take it.  Generally speaking it’s handy to have a vehicle to attend at this location if you have a number of larger items, but if you have a few small items that you can carry, this location is not far from the Cambie and Marine Skytrain Station and bus loop. As big fans of recycling and repurposing, we are pleased to see this new addition to the City’s Waste Management Services. Check out below the long list of items, they do take at the Zero Waste facility:

Materials accepted for free recycling

​Bicycles and accessories
​Cardboard (flattened)
Cell phones
​Clothing and textiles
​Cooking oil (maximum 10L per day per resident)
​Fire extinguishers (maximum 2 per day per resident)
​Foam packaging (no foam peanuts)
​Glass bottles and jars
Household batteries
​Large appliances (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, maximum 3)
​Lead acid car and truck batteries
​Metal containers (cans, tins, foil, empty aerosol cans excluding spray paint cans)
​Paper containers (tetra-packs, coffee cups)
​Plastic bags and overwrap (not Ziploc bags though)
​Plastic containers (jars, jugs, bottles)
​Power tools
​Printed paper and paper packaging (newspaper, magazines, catalogues, writing paper, paper bags)
​Propane tanks (maximum 4 disposable and 2 refillable)
​Scrap metal
​Small appliances
​Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

There are a number of items that are NOT accepted which include:

Antifreeze and empty antifreeze containers
Broken televisions and computer monitors
Flammable liquids
Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes
Paint and empty paint cans
Used oil, oil filters, and empty oil containers

If you wish to know what to do with the items, they don’t accept, check out the City’s Waste Wizard.

My Modern Closet–A Modern Take On Consignment

12 Oct

MyModernCloset.pngRecycling and repurposing has been a way life for us long before it was on everyone’s radar as it is today.  Honestly, it pains us to throw things away. Out of sight is not out of mind for us.  It has to go somewhere and if it’s just tossed, it will likely be in a landfill. That’s not to say that we don’t toss things away, we try to keep that to a bare minimum.  So we are always pleased to see new ways to recycle and repurpose items. On that vein, we’d like to introduce you to My Modern Closet, a new take on consignment shopping. This site created by Chloe Popove allows you to shop local consignment finds by way of collection (ie. the style of someone you like) such as local food blogger, Erin Ireland, or by size, denim or athletics.  If you are  the one doing the shopping on the site, items are delivered twice a week locally. If you wish to consign items on My Modern Closet, drop offs are made downtown and pick ups are available within a 20 minute drive of downtown Vancouver. The idea is to make it accessible to every women.  Note though, do expect a wait for items to be picked up. Last we heard the wait was up to January 2017. Now on the other hand, if you want to have a fun night with friends and shop for clothes and/or accessories, Chloe can also host a Private Shopping Party.   For this you invite a minimum of 10 ladies (maximum 15) for an evening. Let Chloe know what type of garments people are looking for (ie. work garments or casual wear), some size guidelines for clothing and shoes, any accessories you might like. Chloe can provide a stylist for a fee. The party can last 1 or 3 hours, it’s up to you.  Whether you chose to shop, consign or host a private party, you are making a difference. We feel all those steps are in the right direction. If you wish to learn more about the affects of clothing on our environment, we invite you to read the post ‘Matters‘ on My Modern Closet.


Consider Recycling When Spring Cleaning – Mattress Recycling Has You Covered

24 Apr



It’s that time of year when many of us start to do a little Spring cleaning.  With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to a business in SE Vancouver which might be able to help you with your Spring cleaning. It is Mattress Recycling and yes as the name suggest they recycle mattresses, but not only that. They have a long list of items that they recycle.  So while you are in ‘spring cleaning’ mode and purging items, we ask that you think about recycling some of the items or alternatively giving them to a local charity.

Mattress Recycling was founded by Fabio Scaldaferri in 2009 with three of his 20 something friends. The business started in North Vancouver and moved to SE Vancouver about 2 ½ years ago. Fabio was fundamental in lobbying Metro Vancouver to become one of the only regions in the world to place a ban on dumping mattresses in landfills.  The Company has grown exponentially and last year alone they recycled some 105,000 mattresses.  They are pleased to say that  90% of the material from mattresses gets recycled. As well, these young entrepreneurs have been doing something a little extra for the environment.  Last year they added a beehive to their roof with the assistance of the Main Street Honey Shoppe. In the coming weeks they are looking to add 10 more beehives.

If you are looking to drop off a mattress, the cost for an individual is $12.50 which we note beats the City of Vancouver’s price of $15.00 per mattress at the Transfer Station down the street. And the added bonus of taking your mattress to Mattress Recycling is you can pop in across the street to East Van’s newest craft brewery, Dogwood Brewing, or right next door is Lee Valley Tools for any gardening needs. Note, Mattress Recycling does not offer a pick up service. It is a drop off facility only, but for those without cars Fabio suggests a car sharing service that has vans including Modo and ZipVan.  For a fee, Mattress Recycling will also recycle sofas and arm chairs.  Add to that, there is a host of items they will recycle for FREE. These items include:

–       Batteries (household)
–       Cell phones
–       Laptops
–       Metal frames Metal appliances (although no fridges)
–       Bikes
–       BBQs
–       Filing cabinets
–       Basically, anything metal
–       Wax candles
–       Plastic film/plastic bags
–       Vehicles

We invite you to check out Mattress Recycling which is located at 8275 Sherbrooke Avenue just 2 blocks West of the Knight Street Bridge off of SE Marine Drive. They are open 7 days a week Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you would like to learn more about all the steps involved in recycling a mattress, we invite you to check CityTV’s recent interview on YouTube.  

TrashTalk: Wanted Recycling Enthusiasts in Condos and Apartments

9 Jul


Lets talk trash.  Come 2015, all organic material in the Lower Mainland must be diverted from the landfill. What are you doing to plan for that eventuality if you live in an apartment or a condominium?  Over the past year, the City of Vancouver has expanded its food scraps recycling program to more than 100,000 single-family homes and duplexes.   But there is no program for apartment dwellers.   So what can you do today if you are in an apartment or condo?  Well now there is TrashTalk.

What is it? The project is a partnership between Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood HouseGordon Neighbourhood House and the Recycling Council of British Columbia, and is funded by the Greenest City FundVancity and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. It is looking for recycling champions in condos and apartments to create food scrap programs and educate their fellow residents and neighbours.   Why should you participate in TrashTalk?

  • it’s free
  • receive expert assistance to plan and implement food scraps recycling in your residence while engaging your neighbours
  • receive financial assistance
  • connect with and learn from other recycling champs
  • be prepared for the Metro Vancouver ban when it arrives
  • help the City of Vancouver achieve its Zero Waste goals

The deadline to apply for this project is July 15th To find out how to apply or for more information, visit Vancouver TrashTalk or contact Murray Mollard, Project Director E:  trashtalk@telus.net  or T: 604-767-7421.

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