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The Wood Shop – More DIY Workshops This Spring

22 Mar

reclaimedwoodAre you interested in tackling some DIY yourself projects for home, but don’t have the space? In case you haven’t heard, The Wood Shop, features some great one day do-it-yourself workshops.  They are currently offering four workshops. You can choose to make a dining table, headboard, storage trunk or a planter box.  The Wood Shop provides the space and the tools for the project you wish to tackle.  Each workshop is led by an experienced Wood Working Educator in a professional wood working shop.  You will learn how to use wood working tools and learn some introductory fabrication and finishing concepts. When they aren’t teaching classes, the Wood Shop crafts one-of-a-kind furniture and home décor items out of reclaimed wood. Cost of each class varies depending on what you choose to make, but they are offering a variety of dates. Workshops take place at 251 Southern Creek in the False Creek Flats near Main Street and Terminal Avenue.  Heads up, the last time we featured these classes, they filled up quickly. Should you wish to tackle one of their projects, we recommend registering early.  Note, gift certificates are available should you wish to give an early Father’s Day present  For more information or to register, visit their website at  The Wood Shop.

The Wood Shop Offers Do It Yourself Classes

7 Dec

reclaimedwoodAre you interested in making a table or storage trunk by hand? Maybe you don’t have the space or tools on hand to tackle that kind of project.  You may wish to check out the upcoming do it yourself classes being offered by The Wood Shop. The Wood Shop crafts one-of-a-kind wood furniture and home decor items out of reclaimed wood in and around Vancouver.  They also offer workshops that help you tackle a wood working project in one day. One upcoming workshop features a Reclaimed Wood Table which is designed to your preferences such as style, height and base.  You will learn how to use a variety of tools and in case you were wondering, no experience is required.  In the second workshop, you will learn how to make a Reclaimed Wood Storage Trunk, again to your design preferences.  Cost of each class is $160 plus materials. Workshops take place at 251 Southern Street in the False Creek Flats near Main & Terminal.  There is availability in their classes for 2017 and gift certificates are available for those that wish to make it a gift for someone this Christmas.  For more information or to register, visit their website at The Wood Shop.

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