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Who Is Watering The City’s Boulevard Trees?

11 Jul

We are living through an unprecedented heat wave which should be no surprise to anyone on the WestCoast. We have not seen any rain in going on 6 weeks now. The trees in our City are important for so many reasons such as mitigating climate change, providing shade to keep us cool, the abundant urban wildlife and the list goes on. In my neighbourhood, each summer when we have a stretch of summer weather without rain, I make a point of watering some of the area’s boulevard trees. Two things happen when I do this, one people say thank you. Two, others get inspired to do the same. I personally would have liked to have seen some communication from the City of Vancouver to encourage Vancouver residents to water boulevard trees they were physically able to or within reach of their home by hose or watering can, but that hasn’t happened. With climate change and its affects being top of mind for so many with forest fires raging in our province, I think preserving the abundant tree canopy in the City where we can is important for human life and urban wildlife.

So with that, I encourage you to adopt a tree(s) on your street and water where you can. If you wish to read more on this, CBC has done a recent feature “Vancouver trees dry out as heat wave continues to take its toll.” And if you wish to read further on the disparity of tree cover between the East Side and the West Side, we invite you to check out this piece by Christopher Cheung in the Tyee Vancouver Shade Inequality. We’ve copied in a great image from Christopher’s piece from Urban Forest Strategy, 2018 update, City of Vancouver which highlights the importance of trees in our urban landscape.

Earth Day Celebration Everett Crowley Park April 25

22 Apr

EarthDayGrassEarth Day is today, April 22nd.  Earth Day Canada’s mission is to foster and celebrate environmental respect, action and behaviour change that lessens our impact on the earth. This Saturday, you are invited to attend an Earth Day Celebration at Everett Crowley Park (entrance at Kerr Street and 64th Avenue) in Southeast Vancouver from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.  Volunteers will plant 1,100 native trees and shrubs that are being provided by the Vancouver Parks Board. For those that didn’t know it, Everett Crowley was the old Kerr Dump and is now a natural green refuge for people, dogs and wildlife. The reforesting of this park continues every year and this is the longest running Earth Day Celebration in Vancouver. It is an ongoing project between Champlain Community Association and Vancouver Parks Board. If you haven’t been inside the park, you should take a wander, it’s quite a pretty spot. This Saturday, along with the tree planting, there will be live entertainment, cultural and ecological exhibits and a host of children’s activities.  The celebration gets under way at 11:00 am and goes till 3:00 pm.


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