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Another Side Glance With Al Tee: Politics & Robo Kennedy

18 Oct

RoboKennedy (2)Kennedy Stewart wants to save us. He wants to save us from the NPA, Kinder Morgan, and big money influence at City Hall. I know this to be true because the four robo-calls I got from him said so. Kennedy Stewart also sent me a mailing, dropped off a handbill at my door, and opened a campaign office in my neighborhood. He really wants to save us.


Why does a guy who has represented Burnaby federally since 2011, now need to be our mayor? Has he solved all federal related issues in Burnaby South? Or will federal NDP leader Jagmit Singh – soon to be parachuted into Stewart’s Burnaby seat – provide a better level of understanding and representation for the issues facing Burnaby?  Kennedy Stewart has been around politically since he ran federally and lost to Hedy Fry back in 2004. But he’s never run for a civic position in Vancouver. Not School or Parks Board nor City Council.

For a guy who claims a long relationship with Vancouver, he’s been noticeably absent from city politics. Generally people who run and become mayor have some kind of political or civic involvement. I think the last guy that ran for mayor who didn’t have that connection was Bill VanderZalm. Come to think of it, didn’t Christie Clark try and run for Vancouver mayor in 2005?

To be clear, I am not comparing Kennedy Stewart to two often loathed former politicians. I’m just saying I find something about his whole candidacy improbable. I’m reminded of a guy angling for the nice corner office with a view.

But of course I’m wrong. I must be. A form letter included in my Kennedy package mail out, was from vaunted East Van political warrior Libby Davies. She says we need Kennedy’s leadership in Vancouver and that I should dig deeper to support him. How deep? How about $200?

Kennedy plans to build 60,000 units of various types of residences in the next 10 years. Anyone who’s ever been involved with any kind of home reno knows, it’s usually longer than you predicted and more expensive. Still, you got to applaud his problem solving confidence which he has according to one of his pamphlets because;

“ I know cities. “

You know who else knows cities? People who live in them. People who live in this city don’t like it when their garbage isn’t collected. They don’t like it when there’s problems with transit. They don’t like annoying neighbors who break by-laws or make by-law complaints. People especially don’t like it when the whole town shuts down because it never seems prepared to handle a dump of snow. People don’t like it when traffic speeds down their street cause the city refuses to put in a roundabout or a few speed bumps. People don’t like it that there’s less free parking on public streets.

It’s one thing to be in Ottawa putting up motions, it’s a whole other thing dealing with contentious building projects and people protesting outside your home. Not to mention the irate citizen with a tax beef who accosts you in the lobby of city hall.

Kennedy Stewart most likely will be the next mayor and maybe if I talked to him I’d see things differently. Unfortunately after 4 robo-calls I’ve heard enough. But in fairness to Kennedy, I did get 2 robo-calls from Ken Sim and one from one of those Vancouver parties. I won’t vote for them either.

By Contributing Writer Al Tee

Commercial Street Café Hosts Meet & Greet With Candidates For Mayor of Vancouver

3 Sep


Commercial Street Café, 3599 Commercial Street, located in Cedar Cottage is hosting a number of meet and greet sessions this September with candidates running for Mayor of Vancouver. For those following politics, or event if you are not, this election is expected to be quite different. It is the first time in 30 years that an independent candidate could take the top job in our fair City.  We are pleased to hear that Commercial Street Café will be hosting a number of 2 hour sessions on various Saturdays and Sundays in September which will allow Vancouver residents to sit down and chat with the candidates.

This is your opportunity to get their position on issues first hand and how you think they’ll fare as Mayor.  We know housing and affordability are big topics, but there are many other issues that are near and dear to those that call Vancouver home.  We encourage you to be engaged, ask questions and make an informed decision on Election Day October 20th.  This date will be here before you know it.   We’ve set out the schedule of candidates and dates/times they’ll be on site at the Commercial Street Café. We invite you to stop by:

Saturday, September 8th – 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Shauna Sylvester (Independent)

Sunday, September 9th – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Kennedy Stewart (Independent)

Saturday September 15th –  10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Hector Bremner (YES Party)

Sunday, September 16th – 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Ken Sim (NPA)

Sunday, September 16th – 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Ian Campbell (Vision Vancouver) CANCELLED

 BE Engaged – ASK Questions – GET Informed + Vote October 20th!

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