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Songbird Forest Coming to SE Vancouver

22 Feb


This March, the Vancouver Parks Board will start planting trees and shrubs for a Songbird Forest.  The aim is to attract songbirds in an area surrounding Fraserview Golf Course. Specifically, the NW corner along the Sunrise Bikeway just South of E. 57th Avenue.    For those unfamiliar with the area, there is a great walking path around the perimeter of Fraserview Golf Course.  If you walk along that path, as I often do, you will walk or run right through the soon to be Songbird Forest, but you may have to give the iPod a rest for a few minutes if you wish to hear a few tunes from Mother Nature.

CreatEveInVan’s photostream

17 Feb
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ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 038ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 037ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 036ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 035ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 034ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 033
ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 032ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 030ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 028ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 026ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 022
ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 021ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 020ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 016ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 015ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 012ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 011

Murals in and around East Vancouver and a few extra shots.

Winter Farmers Market At Nat Bailey Stadium Until April 27th, 2013

17 Feb

Fresh Produce

If you have not tried the sinfully delicious Earnest artisan ice cream, the delectable root chips or the white truffle and vinegar potato chips, you are missing out.  Not being a morning person, it took some time for me to make my way to the Winter Farmers Market held at the Nat Bailey Stadium eat Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. I must say leaving my warm abode, was well worth it.  I have now converted a few neighbours , who are not exactly early birds themselves, who have made the trek out and are now planning to make regular stops at the Winter Farmers Market.  I must say there is something to be said for being the early bird though.   There are a number of items that do sell out by Noon.  So if you want first dibbs on the many wonderful offerings, it is best to get there earlier rather than later. Having said this, there are usually many similar offerings at hand, as there about 70 vendors which include live music, local food trucks as well as the Chili Tank which always seems to have a line up. The longest line up seems to go to Creperie La Boheme which makes hot crepes on site with fresh local seasonal ingredients.  Winter Farmers Market is held every Saturday at Nat Bailey Stadium, 4601 Ontario Street, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you wish to receive updates of what vendors will be at the market each week, visit

Lose Your Pennies At Gourmet Warehouse

17 Feb


Wondering what to do with those pennies that are now being phased out of circulation? Well Caren McSherry, owner of Gourmet Warehouse, has one idea.  Bring your pennies to Gourmet Warehouse and all the pennies collected will be donated to the the Strathcona Community Centre Backpack Food Program.  The main objective of this program is to provide school age children with nutritional food over the weekends. Many students benefit from school lunch programs during the school week. This program helps to bridge the gap over the weekends.  Jars for your pennies are located at the cash registers and at the customer service desk. For store hours and location, visit their website at

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