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Vancouver Mural Festival August 6 – 11, 2018

30 Jul

VancouverMuralFestival2018The 3rd Annual Vancouver Mural Festival is back in various locations in East Vancouver August 6 – 11, 2018.  The event is organized by Create Vancouver Society which is dedicated to artistic and cultural development in Metro Vancouver.  The permanent large-scale public murals created as part of this festival will form a part of the City’s cultural legacy. And honestly the ones we’ve seen to date, are pretty spectacular.  This year’s event is slated to be even bigger and better and will include a Celebration Concert on Saturday, August 11st in Jonathan Rogers Park.  This is a large park located at West 8th Avenue and Manitoba Street in Mount Pleasant which will host the outdoor concert.  The venue for the concert will be open from Noon to 9:30 pm which will include an afternoon program featuring various activities with the concert being held in the evening between 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm.  The concert line up includes A Tribe Called Red and Charlotte Day Wilson. Tickets are priced at $30, $25 and children under 12 years of age are free when attending with an adult that has purchased a ticket. You can purchase tickets through Live Nation or at Red Cat Records.  We encourage you to stop by and check out the artistic talent for this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival. You can check out each artist in advance online which also has a great map indicating where the murals will be. Visit Vancouver Mural Festival for more details. If you missed last year’s mural festival, we’ve set out below some of our favourite pics.

Foto Friday – Vancouver Mural Fest – Amazing Street Art

26 Aug


MuralFestPolarBear2Did you catch Vancouver’s Inaugural Mural Fest on Saturday, August 20th?  We caught some of it and were excited by the energy, artistry and collaboration that went into this amazing event.  If you missed the festival, you have ample time to take a walk and/or cycle anytime and take in the newest murals created on the East side of the city.  Many of the murals are located in and around the Mount Pleasant area, but there are a few spread out a bit further like the walls of MakerLabs.  We actually had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists, Ben Tour, just prior to the inaugural event whose mural is now located at 49th Parallel Coffee on Main Street. We enjoyed a fun evening hosted by Ford Canada celebrating the Vancouver Mural Fest with a scavenger hunt and an opportunity to drive the new Ford Fusion 2017. The icing on the cake for that evening was the opportunity to create our own graffiti street art under the guidance of Ben Tour, but we won’t be showcasing ours. We’ll leave that to the true artists. Speaking of which, we have included some photos of some of the new murals that went up during the Vancouver Mural Fest. There are some 40 odd murals so these photos are only a small representation of what was created, but we have to say the polar bear in a bottle is our personal favourite. We understand this was created by an  international artist, but the message within the bottle speaks volumes.  We look forward to checking out more of the murals and encourage you to take a walk and/or cycle to see what’s been created. There are, of course, lots of stops along the way to refresh, be it beer, coffee or ice cream along the way.  We are looking forward to seeing what next year brings and give high marks to all those that helped make this event happen in Vancouver.


A Call for an Artist for Community Mural Project

18 Jun

MuralMountPleasantCalltoArtistMount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, 800 East Broadway Avenue, is looking for an artist to lead a community art mural project.   The project is a partnership between Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Broadway East Youth Resource Centre and Vancouver Native Housing. The aim is to engage community members especially youth in planning, designing and implementing three murals along Broadway East. Working with the themes of water and culture, the murals will link the diversity of the neighbourhood to the St. George Rainway stream daylighting project.  The plan is to begin the project in June 2013 with the installation aimed for mid-August 2013.  The application deadline is June 20, 2013. This is a great opportunity to showcase your artistic talent. If you would like to add your name to the list of candidates, see the attached link for the Job Description and contact information.

CreatEveInVan’s photostream

17 Feb
ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 039ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 017ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 027ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 029ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 018ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 014
ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 038ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 037ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 036ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 035ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 034ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 033
ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 032ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 030ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 028ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 026ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 022
ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 021ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 020ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 016ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 015ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 012ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 011

Murals in and around East Vancouver and a few extra shots.

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