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The Orpheus Project At The Cultch July 16 – 20

8 Jul


The Orpheus Project by Music on Main is coming to The Cultch from July 16th – July 20th. This immersive journey is filled with musical and theatrical intrigue and will absorb you into the life of Orpheus: a poet, musician, and prophet in ancient Greek Mythology who inspired generations of artists such as Jean Cocteau, Tennessee Williams and Albert Camus.

Imagine roaming an entire theatre, discovering rooms filled with mysterious music and surprising interactions. Through creations by Jocelyn Morlock, Veda Hille, Cassandra Miller, James Maxwell, Barry Truax, Alfredo Santa Ana, Colin Browne, George Frideric Handel and others, you’ll explore The Cultch’s Historic Theatre, Culture Lab, as well as the dressing rooms and the backstage and lobby areas. We hear you might even break a sweat as you climb stairs and roam around. You are advised to wear comfortable shoes and prepare to jump into this unique adventure. Tickets range from $19.75 – $38.75 for adults. If you purchase before midnight on July 10th, you will receive a 20% discount if you use the promo code CULTCH.

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