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Strathcona BIA Looking For Artists To Paint In Hastings Urban Tree Nursery

27 Aug


The Strathcona Business Improvement Association is inviting proposals from artists to paint concrete planters that form a part of the Hastings North Urban Tree Nursery. The Strathcona BIA recently installed the Hastings Urban Tree Nursery which consist of a series of concrete planters housing young trees. The trees will be under the care of local businesses until ready for transplantation to permanent locations. The tree nursery will benefit the local community in many ways including supporting the local economy, providing new skills training for community members and providing an otherwise concrete landscape with beauty, shade, and new insect and bird habitat.

Five artists will be chosen by the Strathcona BIA and each of the artists will be commissioned to paint the planters on one city block. Each artist will receive a base stipend of $300 plus an additional $200 for each planter painted. The concrete planters are located between 300 East Hastings Street and 700 East Hastings Street. Strathcona BIA will provide paint materials up to a maximum of $100 per planter. After the artists have completed their work, the planters will be coated with a clear product to protect against graffiti damage.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 8th at 4:00 pm.  For more information you can contact the Strathcona BIA at To view the submission guidelines, visit Strathcona BIA Job Postings.

Photo: Strathcona BIA

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