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Food Truck Fest February At Vancouver Farmers Market – Nat Bailey Stadium

6 Feb

FoodTruckFestFebruary2015Vancouver Farmers Market invites you to Food Truck Fest starting Saturday, February 7th at Nat Bailey Stadium. Vancouver Farmers Market plans on a bit of a competition amongst the participating food trucks at this month’s event. There will be several honours bestowed. VFM will be challenging each of the food trucks to come up with a new Market Menu item and you get to decide which one is the best.  While the food trucks work on their new Market Menu item, they will be asked to submit their sources so they can determine who is using the most local ingredients for Most Local honours.  Next up is Judge’s Choice. A panel of esteemed judges (to be announced) will sample all the Market Menu items and decide which one is the best.

Food Truck February is a zero waste event. All food trucks are asked to use only compostable or recyclable serving containers and utensils. There will be lots of seating and heaters to keep everyone warm and of course there will  amazing live music.  Vancouver Farmers Market kicks off Saturday at 10:00 am and runs till 2:00 pm at Nat Bailey Stadium with an amazing line up of local vendors as well as all the delicious food trucks. Note keep an eye out for some construction in the area, the market may get moved across the street to Riley Park.  Watch Vancouver Farmers Market website for updates.

Below, is Vancouver Farmers Market rundown of participating food truck vendors over the next few weeks:

February 7th February 14th February 21st February 28th
Aussie Pie Guy Aussie Pie Guy Aussie Pie Guy Chilitank
Blue Smoke BBQ Blue Smoke BBQ Blue Smoke BBQ Disco Cheetah
Chilitank Creperie La Boheme Chilitank Feastro The Rolling Bistro
Creperie La Boheme Disco Cheetah Culver City Salads Guanaco Salvadoran
Culver City Salads Feastro The Rolling Bistro Disco Cheetah J-brûlée
Eli’s Serious Sausage Guanaco Salvadoran Eli’s Serious Sausage JJ’s Trucketeria
J-brûlée JJ’s Trucketeria Guanaco Salvadoran Le Tigre
Old Country Pierogi Le Tigre J-brûlée Soho Road Naan Kebab
Soho Road Naan Kebab Taser Grilled Cheese Old Country Pierogi Taser Grilled Cheese
The Bean Buggy The Bean Buggy Soho Road Naan Kebab The Kaboom Box
The Kaboom Box The Schnitzel Shack The Bean Buggy The Schnitzel Shack
The Schnitzel Shack West Best Coffee The Kaboom Box West Best Coffee
West Best Coffee The Schnitzel Shack Yolk’s Breakfast
Yolk’s Breakfast West Best Coffee

If you wish to follow the food festivities on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #foodtruckfeb.

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