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The Magic of Collaborative Public Art – Monday May 11 at John Oliver Secondary School

5 May

PublicArtSouthHillYou are invited to take part in a visual presentation hosted by Shary Bartlett at John Oliver Secondary School, 530 East 41st Avenue (at Fraser Street) on May 11th.  Witness the power of the arts to create beauty and foster neighbourhood transformation.  Come and be inspired by local artist Shary Bartlett who will  highlight over a decade of multigenerational and multicultural collaborative community arts projects.  For this presentation, residents of South Hill and various artists have come together to create interactive web stories, huge photographic murals, colourful painted walls, street mosaics, sand collages, hand-cranked prints, a fruit and vegetable mandala as well as many other projects.  On May 11th, you are invited to come see the amazing public art that has been created in South Hill.  At the same time, a focus of this presentation is to inspire a new generation of leaders to dream about the art projects that they could lead.

The evening will begin at 7:15 pm with refreshments and an opportunity to connect with other liked minded attendees. Then Shary will lead the presentation  into a guided discussion, during which you can share your ideas about future collaborative art projects.  What do you envision for public art in the community?  How can you help support public art in the community?

The event is scheduled for 7:15 pm – 9:00 pm at John Oliver Secondary School, Room 209.

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