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Empire of the Son At The Cultch October 6 – 24, 2015

30 Sep

empireofthesun_landscape-300x225You are invited to a unique show coming to The Cultch on October 6th. Empire of the Son is written and performed by Tetsuro Shigematsu who is the former host of CBC’s The Round. Tetsuro brings us the story of his personal relationship with his father who is dying. They are separated by a generation but connected by blood. Tetsuro’s father speaks several different languages and possesses different values but what has kept them apart for so many years is their similarities. This is a story of two generations of broadcasters who have a lifetime of radio silence between them. With time running out, Tetsuro attempts to reach out to his dying father but is constrained by outmoded yet persistent cultural traditions about it means to “be a man”.

Empire of the Son uses a series of audio interviews, a camera, miniatures and projector to conjure up worlds from the ashes of Hiroshima to the glass towers of Vancouver and beyond. This is a unique theatrical experience that is intimately connected to real life in real time. It is a funny and poignant story of one immigrant family, their intergenerational conflicts in this one man show that blurs the lines between artistic disciplines and continents. Empire of the Son begins its run at The Cultch on October 6th and sold out quickly so extra dates were added.  The show now runs until October 24th. Tickets begin at $25 and are available online at The Cultch.

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