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Oh The Humanity Runs At The Firehall Arts Centre September 11 – 16

11 Sep

OhTheHumanityThe Firehall Arts Centre is one of many venues for this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival running from September 10th to the 20th.  Another great production happening during the festival is Oh the Humanity (and other good intentions) brought to you by Staircase Theatre. Oh the Humanity is a witty show that examines the nature of human misery through a filter of jet black comedy. It is a series of 5 short plays about people trying to cope with the basic trial of being human among other humans and honestly, when haven’t we all struggled with that every now and again. In this show, two actors craft four characters each, including a coach who calls a press conference to explain why his team has lost every game in the season, a video dating service promoting two people that have nothing better to recommend than the fact that they are not visibly bleeding, a pair of photographers attempting to re-shoot a graphic war time photo without the original source material, a couple attempting to attend a funeral, or possibly a christening, no, a funeral, with poor results, an airline representative explaining to the families of crash victims what happened to the best of her abilities – despite the fact she lucked, or rather unlucked, her way into the job.  Oh the Humanity runs at the Firehall Arts Centre from September 11th to 16th.  Tickets for the show are available at Vancouver Fringe Festival.

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