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The Perky Parsnip Offers Vegan & Gluten Free Cooking Classes

3 Feb

PPAppieWe love food and we enjoy cooking food and are always interested in the abundance of classes being offered in and around Vancouver. Recently we came across The Perky Parsnip which offers classes for those that are interested in vegan and gluten free cooking.  The classes are hosted by Alicia Meek and are held in the evenings at The Float On Bakeshop located at 4384 Fraser Street.  Alicia likes to bring a fun and interactive atmosphere to her cooking class which is suitable for the whole family.  She will teach you how to make dishes that are healthy, organic and high in nutrition.   All her classes are $59 per person with discounts for groups of 4 or more.  Some of her upcoming classes include:

Healthy Sushi At Home – February 28th & April 1st

Alicia will show you the secrets to making delicious sushi at home. This is a hands-on class and each person will be selecting and preparing ingredients for their roll and cone.

Healthy in a Hurry Entrees – February 28th, March 4th & April 1st

Alicia changes the menu for this class depending on what’s in season. She will teach you about carb-free wraps and noodles as well as soy-free meat alternatives and how to make delicious sauces.

Healthy in a Hurry Snacks – March 4th

Come to be inspired and learn how to make satisfying snacks for your family and entertaining. This is again a hands-on-class. You are asked to bring a to-go container.

Guilt-Free Chocolate From Scratch – March 5th

Learn to make chocolate dipped Strawberries, Peanut Butter Cups and more delicious treats with chocolate! Again, this is a hands-on class and a to-go container is recommended so you can take some of your sweet treats home.

Healthy in a Hurry Breakfast – April 2nd

Alicia will teach you how to take 20 minutes preparation time and have days of delicious and healthful breakfasts.

To register for the classes or to learn more about Alicia, visit The Perky Parsnip.

Photo Credit: The Perky Parsnip

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