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Side Glance With Al Tee – Honest Nat’s Department Store – History On Fraser Street

26 Mar

HonestNat'sDept.StoreSometimes travelling around East Van, it feels like being part of something on National Geographic or History Channel. One of those programs about lost civilizations. Worlds that no longer exist and what fragments remain.

There’s an old radio jingle that’s an example of the lost world of East Van. The ad was for Honest Nat’s Department Store and if you’ve lived here long enough you know what three words follow the store’s name.

But beyond the jingle there’s no history of a department store that once was an anchor on the principal commercial ribbon of East Vancouver. Located at 6394 Fraser, Honest Nat’s was the brainchild of Nathan Lacterman. A prairie orphan who escaped Winnipeg and came West, Lacterman made several unsuccessful stabs at the retail business in Vancouver.  Then a chance visit to Toronto lead him to stumble across the famed discount store Honest Ed’s at Bloor and Bathhurst. Inspired, Honest Nat’s was born.

Honest Nat’s department store would last at 48th and Fraser for 40 plus years. Supporting the community, sponsoring teams, doling out balloons to customer’s kids, Honest Nat Lacterman acted as the unofficial mayor of Fraser Street. Eventually Honest Nat fell ill and his daughter took over. But Fraser Street started to change. A Superstore came in at the bottom of Fraser along Marine Drive. When Nat’s daughter started hearing patrons tell her that they’d looked all over town for an item they couldn’t find, but knew Honest Nat’s would have it, she saw the writing on the wall. Why weren’t they coming straight to Honest Nat’s in the first place?  Honest Nat’s Department Store closed in 1989 and the building was sold. Shortly afterwards, it was destroyed by fire.

All that remains now of Honest Nat’s Department store is this artifact, the jingle.

By Contributing Writer: Al Tee

Blitzen Pop Up On Now Till December 23, 2017

11 Dec

IBlitzen Shopn the space next to Heartbreaker Salon, was Whiskey Cake Home, who we’ve learnt has left this space to focus on their store on Main Street. Which means a great little retail space in the midst of a host of restaurants such as Les Faux Bourgeois, Osteria Savio Volpe, Matchstick Coffee, Los Cuervos at the corner of Kingsway and Fraser.  Most of these spots have waits and line ups, so while you wait for your table, why not pop in to the Blitzen Pop Up and get a bit of Christmas shopping done.  Blitzen Pop Up features a range of products from local makers including:

Anita Sikma Jewelry
Handwoven rugs/pillows/garlic baskets by Becky Brisco
Candles by EastWix
Leather Goods by Hannah Joan
Sriracha Revolver Hot Sauce
Patch Planters
Batch salts/scrubs/room sprays By Kis•met Essentials
Andrew Pommier’s Limited Edition Artist Prints
Locally designed textiles and baby swaddlers by Anara
The Vancouver Shop – local neighbourhood patches, prints & giftware
Pacific Northwest Prints
Silk Scarves By Mona Sultan
Handmade Soaps & Balms by Violet Alchemy
Kids clothing and colouring cards by Jamie Anderson
Local Pickles and Pickled Onions by Deandra Vaughn

Blitzen Pop Up is local at 623 Kingsway, corner of Fraser & Kingsway and is open Wednesday to Saturday from Noon to 8:00 pm. Stop by and see what’s in store or check them out on Instagram @blitzenpop.




The Perky Parsnip Offers Vegan & Gluten Free Cooking Classes

3 Feb

PPAppieWe love food and we enjoy cooking food and are always interested in the abundance of classes being offered in and around Vancouver. Recently we came across The Perky Parsnip which offers classes for those that are interested in vegan and gluten free cooking.  The classes are hosted by Alicia Meek and are held in the evenings at The Float On Bakeshop located at 4384 Fraser Street.  Alicia likes to bring a fun and interactive atmosphere to her cooking class which is suitable for the whole family.  She will teach you how to make dishes that are healthy, organic and high in nutrition.   All her classes are $59 per person with discounts for groups of 4 or more.  Some of her upcoming classes include:

Healthy Sushi At Home – February 28th & April 1st

Alicia will show you the secrets to making delicious sushi at home. This is a hands-on class and each person will be selecting and preparing ingredients for their roll and cone.

Healthy in a Hurry Entrees – February 28th, March 4th & April 1st

Alicia changes the menu for this class depending on what’s in season. She will teach you about carb-free wraps and noodles as well as soy-free meat alternatives and how to make delicious sauces.

Healthy in a Hurry Snacks – March 4th

Come to be inspired and learn how to make satisfying snacks for your family and entertaining. This is again a hands-on-class. You are asked to bring a to-go container.

Guilt-Free Chocolate From Scratch – March 5th

Learn to make chocolate dipped Strawberries, Peanut Butter Cups and more delicious treats with chocolate! Again, this is a hands-on class and a to-go container is recommended so you can take some of your sweet treats home.

Healthy in a Hurry Breakfast – April 2nd

Alicia will teach you how to take 20 minutes preparation time and have days of delicious and healthful breakfasts.

To register for the classes or to learn more about Alicia, visit The Perky Parsnip.

Photo Credit: The Perky Parsnip

New In Town: Bâtard Boulangerie & Cafe Moderne Comes To The Fraserhood

30 Jan

Batard2We would like to introduce you to the newly opened Bâtard Boulangerie & Cafe Moderne located at 3958 Fraser Street.  This is a French style bakery brought to you by  Chris Brown of Rise Artisan Bakery and Bruno and Sally Born restaurateurs and owners of Finest at Sea.  This is a great addition to the Fraserhood. Outside of the amazing French style sweets and excellent coffees, there is the bread. Big levain loaves and dense rye breads that you can purchase by the 100 grams instead of a large loaf.  They also carry a great selection of Farm House Cheeses and a selection of French cheeses from Les Amis de Fromage and charcuterie from Oyama Sausages.  You can also expect to find Chris Brown’s award winning artisanal marmalades “The Bitter End”.  These are truly heavenly marmalades.

Bâtard Boulangerie is perfectly situated on Fraser Street next door to Graze Restaurant which is next to Earnest Ice Cream between 23rd and 24th Avenue.  Now, does that not make for a delicious block we ask?  The 100 year old space they renovated is beautiful, cozy and makes for a great meeting spot. And as of June 2015, Bâtard Boulangerie is now open 7 days a week from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Batard3

Graze Restaurant – Date Night Thursdays – 2 for $50

25 Jun


Graze Restaurant invites you to join them Thursdays for Date Night where you and your partner-in-crime can enjoy a steal of a deal. You and your guest will receive a 3 course Prix Fixe menu for $50.  If you don’t know the restaurant, Graze has a creative plant-based menu that incorporates locally and organically produced ingredients including those grown in their own garden.  The interior is lovely and cozy perfect for a ‘date’, but they also have an outdoor patio if you wish to hang on the deck and catch a few rays at the end of the day.   To make your reservation, give them a call at T: 604.620.8822. Graze Restaurant is located at 3980 Fraser Street just North of King Edward Avenue.

Photo Credit: Graze Restaurant

TONIGHT: Graze Restaurant One Year Anniversary Party & Summer Menu Launch

15 May

GrazeOneYearYou are invited to come out and celebrate Graze Restaurant’s 1 year anniversary tonight. If you don’t know it, Graze has a delicious and creative plant-based menu that incorporates locally and organically produced ingredients including those from their own garden.  Thursday, May 15th Graze will be hosting a Cocktail Social on the patio from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm for $10.  You will enjoy appies from their tasting boards including some of their now rather famous dairy-free cheeses and house made preserves.  If you wish to stay for dinner, they are offering a Prix Fixe Dinner Menu for $30 with their new summer menu items. You get to choose between two small plates, three entrees and two desserts. For reservations, call Graze Restaurant at T: 604.620.8822.  As an added bonus, if you are joining them for the Cocktail Social, you will receive a $5 off coupon – redeemable for dinner on the evening if you choose to stay, or for a future visit. Graze Restaurant is located at 3980 Fraser Street.

Photo Credit: Graze Restaurant



Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates – Fraser Edition: March 12th

3 Mar


Richard Wolak of Vancouver Foodster is bringing his next Tasting Plates event to the Fraserhood.  What is Tasting Plates?  It is basically a culinary roving tour that takes place at different food and/or beverage establishments.  You register for the event at the designated spot in this case, Graze Restaruant, 3980 Fraser Street. You show your printed or digital tickets that you purchased online and in turn receive your Tasting Plate Cards.  Thereafter, you wander whether by bike, foot, car or transit to the various venues and nibble away to your hearts content. Each location will have specific menu items on offer for the Tasting Plates.

Now the Fraserhood is a place that is near and dear to my heart having grown up just off Fraser Street and East 11th Avenue. I have watched this stretch of road evolve over the years and some are calling Fraser Street the new Main Street with lots of great shops popping up of every variety. On March 12th, the Tasting Plates will focus on the area of Fraser Street from 28th Avenue going Northbound. You will start the event at Graze Restaurant where you will obtain your Tasting Plates Cards.  Graze is a vegan planted based restaurant that whips up some amazing dishes from locally and organically sourced products to some rave reviews I might add.  Pizza Carano, 4241 Fraser Street, makes non-traditional neapolitan-style pizza with some unique ingredients including kale. Some of their latest creations have created some serious Twitter buzz.  Now a personal favourite on the tour is Earnest Ice Cream, 3992 Fraser Street, located next to Graze Restaurant which makes amazing ice cream from locally sourced seasonal products. Expect to find some delicious flavours including salted caramel, whiskey hazelnut and chocolate among others. Earnest also offers unique seasonal flavours available for a limited time like cinnamon heart and pumpkin pie spice.  I will be curious to hear what flavour(s) will be on offer for the Tasting Plates.

Other spots on the Tasting Plates tour include Tigers Drink House,  Kilimanjaro Snack House, Merienda Bake Shop, Say Y Limon (which means ‘salt and lime’). Scout Magazine recently did a pictorial and tasting of this spot in February to great reviews for this busy spot. By all accounts, Tasting Plates Fraser Edition will be a delicious event with more venues being added as the date arrives.  Tickets for this event are $40 and available online at Eventbrite, or $120 for a 4 pak of tickets. Tickets purchased after March 10th, will be $50. The event kicks off at 6:00 p.m. and goes till 9:30 p.m.
Photo Credit: Graze Restaurant (1st photo), Earnest Ice Cream (2nd)

All Souls Night: Lantern Walk & Musical Procession to Mountain View Cemetery October 26th

25 Oct


South Hill Neighbours invite you to All Souls Night this Saturday, October 26th.   This event was created to provide opportunities for the public to commemorate their dead with a family-oriented community art event. Artists and community will be coming together to create a sanctuary for remembrance and reflection.  They will be meeting at MacDonald Park located at 44th Avenue and Prince Edward at 6:30 pm.   Everyone will walk together to the Mountain View Cemetery.   You are encouraged to bring a lantern which you can hang in the South Hill Neighbours Tree. If the night is dry, musicians will accompany the procession from MacDonald Park to Mountain View Cemetery.  The event is curated by artists Paula Jardine and Marina Szijarto.  Musicians, singers, visual and digital artists will join together to create a setting that invites everyone to remember those we’ve lost and find beautiful ways to mark their passing and the emotions of parting. Candles, Swedish fire logs, bonfires in carved oil barrels, prayer flags and homemade memorials all make this a magical evening.  The event takes place rain, shine and in this week’s case, fog.

South Hill Festival This Saturday, May 25th

20 May
The South Hill Business Association is presenting the South Hill Festival this Saturday, May 25th. The event will be taking place in the parking lots behind the Fraser Street shops (east of 44th Avenue to 48th Avenue).  This a family centered event with lots of activities for the kids including a climbing wall, art and craft projects as well as an obstacle running circuit.  There will also be a Food Fair with local restaurants participating including the Lovely Thai Restaurant, Pizza Plus (the plus being East Indian food), Magda’s Restaurant which serves South American food and Dairy Queen. There will also be a main stage with entertainment by Jim Book from Noon to 1:00 p.m. and one of my personal favourites, Lesismore from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. The festivities start at Noon and go till 4:00 p.m.
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