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Foto Friday – Sunrise & Sunset

25 Mar

SS1Sunrise, sunset. We are so fortunate to live on the West Coast and experience so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Living on the Fraser River for many years now has afforded some amazing views. We get our share of moments when we just stop walking as we are awestruck by the simple beauty of nature. Today, we share some of our favourite pics of the sunrise and sunsets we’ve collected over the years. Note, no filters have been used for any of these photos. The colours are that of the sky. We hope you enjoy and have your own opportunity get out and enjoy the nature that surrounds us this long weekend.


Sunrise3  SunriseBlue SunriseBlue2 SunriseClouds  SunriseMorningClouds2 SunriseMorningOrange SunriseClouds2SunriseSofter SunriseSofter2   SunsetBeauty SunsetDark  SSDusk2 SSDusk SSClouds1 SunsetLast

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