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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – The Jean Hanger Being Designed At MakerLabs

18 May

JeanHangerSomething very cool has been happening at MakerLabs in East Vancouver. This creative co-operative hub space is currently home to another innovation.  Steven Sal Debus, a Vancouver designer, has been working on a new product idea and prototype, specifically the Jean Hanger.  His initial steps with his new design were met with quick success.  He recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a funding goal of $20,000 to cover his initial costs which goal he reached in under 48 hours.

So what is the Jean Hanger?  The Jean Hanger is made for yes, you guessed it jeans. It is one solid piece of  beech wood with no moving parts, but allows for easy hanging by the belt loops of your jeans.  As we know, putting jeans in the dyer, shortens the life span, so the Jean Hangar can be used for drying your jeans as well as hanging them right into the closet.  Steven Sal Debus believes that nothing needs to be created unless it solves a problem.  He hopes to use the proceeds from a successful crowdfunding campaign to launch a design company dedicated to building smarter products that save time and conserve energy. Steven’s aim now that he’s recovered his initial design costs is to raise $100,000 to launch his design company at MakerLabs.  If you would like to learn more about Steven’s Kickstarter campaign and the Jean Hangar, we invite you to check out Kickstarter-Jean Hanger.  Last check we made, Steven had 888 backers and has raised over $50,000 so he is well on his way. Of course, we think it’s great to see so much support for this local designer.  The kickstarter campaign runs till June 17th, we invite you to check out the best thing since sliced bread.

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