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Foto Friday – Featuring The Art Of L.J. Throstle

27 May

LJThrostleGreatGreyIn today’s Foto Friday, we would like to introduce you to the artwork of L.J. Throstle. L.J. hails from the UK, but has made East Van home for many years.  You can see that L.J. has a very unique style developed from pen and ink drawings and is mixed with acrylics with an emphasis on the many layers of light and contrast. More recently, her work is in mixed media using single use stencils and acrylic spray paint. Her subjects vary from people to animals to whatever inspires her. L.J. also lives with epilepsy which is often disruptive and debilitating. Therefore, her work is in spurts and works when she is well enough to do so.   We think L.J.’s art is very unique and would like to share some of her pieces with you on this week’s Foto Friday. If you would like to check out more of L.J.’s work, we invite you to check out her website at L.J. Throstle.  You will see some of her works are available for purchase. Personally, we are quite in love the Great Grey Owl (pictured above). Stunning piece, I envision it hanging on the wall of a new brewery.  Just saying!

LJThrostleTrueNorth LJThrostleTethered LJThrostleShadowParliament LJThrostleLittlePhoebe LJThrostleGutterBall LJThrostleEastVanGarden LJThrostleBigHornSheep LJThrostleBaxter

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