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Cider Tasting At The Cultch June 27th

19 Jun


If you love cider and the arts, well you can taste some delicious cider while supporting the arts on June 27th. The Cultch will be hosting a Cider Tasting featuring Windfall Cider, Lonetree Cider, Sea Cider among others.  You are invited to come learn about cider making and the apple varieties used in the making cider while enjoy some appetizers. The event takes place in The Cultch Lobby. Cost is $50 for which you receive a $25 tax receipt. The fun kicks off at 7:00 pm. To get your ticket, visit The Cultch.

2nd Annual Cider and Gluten Free Beer Tasting Event At Wise Hall March 21st

13 Mar

CiderwiseYou are invited to CiderWise taking place at the Wise Hall, 1882 Adanac Street, Saturday, March 21st. This delicious tasting event is brought to you by CAMRA Vancouver. As many know, there are a number of people that are gluten-intolerant, sensitive, allergic or choose to omit gluten for health reasons.  Whatever the reason it makes drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages a little challenging. Even more so with the growing craft beer industry right here under our noses in East Vancouver. So we are pleased to see this event back at the Wise Hall to showcase gluten-free beers and ciders.   Some of the participants lined up for this event include Txotx Basque Imports, Merridale Cider, Sea Cider, Left Field Cider Co. and Howling Moon Craft Cider. Want a bite of something to eat in between tastings? Food trucks will be set up outside the Wise Hall for your snacking pleasure with gluten free options of course. Tickets for CiderWISE are available at Eventbrite for $20 for CAMRA, WISE and Vanbrewers Members and $25 for non-members. Event kicks off at 1:00 and goes till 5:00 pm.

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