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Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride Saturday March 7th

19 Feb

CrowRoostBikeRide2020Crows are part of everyday life in Vancouver.  It’s pretty hard to miss them. If there’s something that’s bothering them, and it could be you, they will certainly let you know. For me, they are a good barometer of what’s happening in the neighbourhood. They will raise a ruckus if there is an eagle, hawk or coyote in the area. So those of us with small dogs payment attention to this when it happens.  Of course, when they go home (Burnaby) to roost at night, they really make a lot of noise and the flying formation that adds flocks of crows as it goes is amazing to watch.  On Saturday, March 7th, you will again have an opportunity to ride along with the crows on the Annual Twilight Crow Roost Bike Ride. The Still Moon Arts Society invites you to join them for a ride that follows the crows from the Central Valley Greenway at Garden Drive towards Burnaby for an approximately 5 km ride round trip.  Start time is 5:00 pm.

To ensure safety, organizers ask that you have lights and/or reflectors for the ride home.  This is a free family friendly event. Everyone is welcome. NOTE: Poor weather, could postpone the event. Please check Still Moon Arts Society Facebook page for any updates.

Ride With The Crows On The Twilight Crow Roost Bike Ride March 10th

5 Mar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACrows are an ever present part of life in East Van. Do you ever wonder where they go at dusk?  There are a number of videos now online which give a hint of where they all go, but there is nothing like experiencing it in person.  On Saturday, March 10th, the Still Moon Arts Society invites you to ride along with them and the crows for the annual Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride.  They will follow the crows on the Central Valley Greenway towards Burnaby which is approximately 5 km round trip. To ensure safety, organizers ask that you have lights and/or reflectors for the ride home.  This is a free family friendly event. Everyone is welcome. NOTE: The ride could be rescheduled due to poor weather, please check Still Moon Arts Society Facebook page for the latest details. The ride gets underway at approximately 4:45 pm at Renfrew Skytrain Station. There is a second meeting spot at Lakewood and Central Valley Greenway which leaves at 5:30 pm.  

Photo Credit: June Hunter

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