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Rescue Me – Tina The Rabbit Looking For A Home

22 Jul


Tina came to the Vancouver Shelter of the SPCA with her friends Jeannette, Mike and Christie in February of this year after being surrendered to a BC SPCA Humane Officer. They are young English Spot and Dutch rabbits who all wait their forever homes.    They are a bit shy due to their previous living conditions, but seem to be adjusting well and looking for a new home that will have a supply of Craisins on hand which they love.   Do you know someone who would like to give Tina or her friends their individual forever homes? If so, you can also let them know until July 31st the SPCA has 50% off adoption fees for rabbits as well as cats.   If you are interested in learning more about Tina and her friends or how to give them a home,  we invite you to visit them on Pet On The Net. As always, we are grateful to those willing to share this information with others so Tina and her friends can find their forever homes.

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