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TrashTalk: Wanted Recycling Enthusiasts in Condos and Apartments

9 Jul


Lets talk trash.  Come 2015, all organic material in the Lower Mainland must be diverted from the landfill. What are you doing to plan for that eventuality if you live in an apartment or a condominium?  Over the past year, the City of Vancouver has expanded its food scraps recycling program to more than 100,000 single-family homes and duplexes.   But there is no program for apartment dwellers.   So what can you do today if you are in an apartment or condo?  Well now there is TrashTalk.

What is it? The project is a partnership between Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood HouseGordon Neighbourhood House and the Recycling Council of British Columbia, and is funded by the Greenest City FundVancity and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. It is looking for recycling champions in condos and apartments to create food scrap programs and educate their fellow residents and neighbours.   Why should you participate in TrashTalk?

  • it’s free
  • receive expert assistance to plan and implement food scraps recycling in your residence while engaging your neighbours
  • receive financial assistance
  • connect with and learn from other recycling champs
  • be prepared for the Metro Vancouver ban when it arrives
  • help the City of Vancouver achieve its Zero Waste goals

The deadline to apply for this project is July 15th To find out how to apply or for more information, visit Vancouver TrashTalk or contact Murray Mollard, Project Director E:  or T: 604-767-7421.

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