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Review Of Kayak On Now At The Firehall Arts Centre Until January 17th

10 Jan

KayakFirehallArtsCentreA new riveting and thought provoking play Kayak produced by Alley Theatre opened at the Firehall Arts Centre on January 8th.  The play is written by Jordan Hall who is being hailed as one of Canada’s new emerging artists and recently awarded the Samuel French Award for playwriting for Kayak. After seeing the show, we can see why.  The play brings you three very different perspectives on socially relevant issues. First there is Annie Iverson a bleach blonde mother who loves her BMW and is played by Susan Hogan. Annie is on a mission to save her son Peter played by Sebastian Kroon from his radical environmentalist girlfriend, Julie Daniels, played by Marisa Smith.  The play weaves together a number of different themes including our personal values, ethical and environmental choices we make daily.  Do you drive to work each day in your SUV?  Julie would call it your own “personal environmental disaster” and would much prefer you take transit or cycle to reduce your carbon footprint. Whereas Annie is quite happy with her BMW and its kick ass GPS system thank you very much.  Peter lies somewhere in the middle trying to find his own footing in the world. He struggles with the traditional establishment values he was raised with and Julie’s ‘save the world’ minimalist views. Should he finish his business degree at Sauder Business School or work on his ethical existence as this may garner Julie’s love.

Annie tries valiantly to thwart her son’s relationship as she tries to impart her own values on her son thinking that what made her happy will make her son happy.  Peter, of course, carves out his own future much to his mother’s dismay. If you don’t know the story of Noah’s Ark, you certainly will after this performance. Water is one of the many themes as are natural disasters due to climate change.  Even Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth gets a nod in this performance.  Establishment vs. environmental, profit vs. sustainability, where do you see yourself as a global citizen? As Julie put so succinctly “meaning well accounts for shit!” Go see Kayak, it will make you think.  For us, a sign of a great performance. Kayak the play runs until January 17th at the Firehall Arts Centre.

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