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Nirbhaya At The York Theatre November 3 – 14

26 Oct

NirbhayaThe Cultch, in partnership with Diwali Fest, presents Nirbhaya starting November 3rd. Nirbhaya is a story based on real life experiences and the violent incident that shocked Delhi and the world. Internationally acclaimed playwright and director, Yaël  Farber (Mies Julie) has created searing new work that cracks open the code of silence around women whose lives have been shattered with violence. Farber brings an extraordinary cast and creative team from India that will take you on a voyage into personal testimonies and show you the amazing capacity of the human spirit for survival, redemption and change.

“Nirbhaya is a play that tells the story of  women who have suffered abuse in their own voices.   By telling their personal stories, these women  shatter the silence that  surrounds abuse in the hopes that by talking about it, we are acknowledging its existence and can begin healing and making societal change.  The play is particularly relevant to the situation we currently have in British  Columbia where, because of  systemic silence, many  women across  the province have gone missing over  the  years,  yet these crimes have been ignored and in some cases, deliberately silenced.  I  am bringing Nirbhaya to the York Theatre because I believe we are all responsible for breaking the silence. Seeing this play together is one action we can take to make change for girls and women in our
neighbourhoods and around the world.”

Heather Redfern, Executive Director of The Cultch

Nirbhaya opens November 3rd at The York Theatre, 639 Commercial Drive, and continues till November 14th. Tickets are available online from $30 at The Cultch or by calling 604.251.1363.   Special note, as this performance contains adult themes and mature content, it is recommended for ages 16+.

Photo Credit: William Burdett-Coutts

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