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Free Puppetry Workshop & Puppet Show In Mount Pleasant

27 Oct

PuppetShowMPNHThe Vancouver Star Theatre is hosting a free puppetry workshop and puppet show for families in Mount Pleasant. The workshop and puppet show will be hosted by two puppet masters. Firstly,  Randi Edmundson who is an experienced puppeteer and drama teacher. She currently teaches theatre classes for Vancouver Performing Stars and Place des Arts. The second puppet master is Kaeden Derksen who is a children’s performer, musician and drama teacher. Kaeden recently spent time in India facilitating intergenerational theatre workshops for seniors and children.

MAKE PUPPETS & TELL STORIES – Sunday, November 1st

Randi Edmundson and Kaeden Derksen are experienced puppeteers and will be leading a free puppetry workshop for children aged 5-8 at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre on Sunday, November 1st. Participants will make their own simple puppets and learn manipulation techniques. They will also have the opportunity to practice their newly learned techniques in front of their class mates.   The workshop runs from 10:45 am to 12:45 pm and registration is required.  Contact the Mount Pleasant Community Centre directly to register.

THE MAIN EVENT – Tuesday, November 10th

Randi and Kaeden will be sharing a free puppet show at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House. We hear that the performance will be zany, interactive and full of surprises. It will also incorporate music as well as stories created by the workshop participants. The puppet show will begin at 4:30pm and run for 30 minutes.  For those wishing to take in this puppet show, you are encouraged to show up early to reserve a seat.

The workshop and puppet show is brought to by the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, the Mount Pleasant Community Centre and the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Small Grants Program.

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