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Opening Reception: Mosaic Art Exhibit of Lilian Broca Italian Cultural Centre November 12, 2015

28 Oct

Judith Seducing Holofernes smallerYou are invited to an opening reception for an exhibit of mosaic art by award-winning Lilian Broca. Her exhibition, Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca, features seven large mosaic panels created in Italian smalto glass. The panels, which took Lilian Broca 3 years to complete, weigh approximately 80 pounds and range from 70 to 78 inches tall and 48 inches wide. Her work depicts powerful mythical women whose stories are relevant to today’s social and gender issues.  Mosaics have for centuries been displayed on church walls and domed ceilings, but Broca wants to make mosaics accessible to all. Lilian Broca also has a desire to tell stories of spirited women whose sacrifices, courage and sheer force of will resulted in powerful social changes. The Judith Mosaics which will be on display reveal Broca’s interpretation of an ancient story that raises ideas about women’s role in society, encouraging contemporary women to possess the courage and inner strength of the independent.  The opening reception for this exhibition takes place on Thursday, November 12th at the Italian Cultural Centre, 3075 Slocan Street, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. You are invited to come out and meet the artist herself.   If you are unable to attend the opening reception, the exhibition runs until March 31, 2016 before heading to Toronto.  The museum is open Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. To learn more about Lilian Broca and her work visit herJudith Meeting Holofernes diptych medium website.



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