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Halloween Drive-In Movies This October At River District

6 Oct

DriveInMovieIf you love Halloween and all the fun activities that come with it, there are no lack of things to do in Vancouver this year. River District in SE Vancouver is hosting one of many fun events with Halloween themed drive-in movies. They will be showing family friendly movies over two weekends, October 21st/22nd and October 28th/29th. Most evenings have two showings 7:00 and 9:30 pm, save for October 28th.  You are invited to load up the car for $20 (up to 8 people). To purchase your tickets, visit We’ve set out below the upcoming dates and times:

Oct. 21:  ‘Beetlejuice’  7 pm
Oct. 21:  ‘Scream’  9:30 pm

Oct. 22: ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’  7 pm
Oct. 22:  ‘Alien’  9:30 pm

Oct. 28:  ‘Edward Scissorhands’  7 pm
Oct. 29: The Blair Witch Project 9:30 pm

Oct. 29:  ‘Monsters Inc.’  7 pm
Oct. 29:  ‘Halloween’  9:30 pm

The Drive-In is located at 3650 E. Kent Avenue South which is located just west of Boundary Way and before Kinross Street in SE Vancouver. Gates open at 5:30 pm. River District will provide you with the FM station for audio, so a working radio/FM station will round out your experience.  There is space for 250 cars, but these events are first come first served. There will be some food trucks and a snack bar on site each evening. For more information, visit River District which includes a map of the location for those not familiar with the area.

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