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Gourmet Warehouse Announces Delish Spring Cooking Classes

16 Feb

Gourmet Warehouse has some great new cooking classes lined up this Spring. If you haven’t already experienced one of their classes, it is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with some like-minded food lovers. If you have participated, you know it’s a great way to pick up some knowledge and some great tips in the kitchen. Added bonus is after each cooking class all the participants are offered a 10% discount for purchases made the day of your class. We have set a few of their upcoming classes that caught our eye.  For a full line up of all the classes Gourmet Warehouse is offering visit Cooking Classes.

Pleats & Eats: Dicky’s Dumpling Workshop – April 5, 2023

You are invited to join Pearl and Dickson, the creators of Dicky’s Dumps, as they show you how to effortlessly make your new favourite dumplings. You will learn various different dumpling folds and pinches to create beautiful and authentic treats that are perfect for sharing. This class will focus on three unique fillings and different cooking styles to expand your dumpling mastery. The menu for this class hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re pretty sure that it will be delicious! We also hear each class participant will be leaving the evening with a gift.

Date Night – Dreaming Of Amalfi Coast – April 20, 2023

If you have never been to the Amalfi Coast, we recommend putting it on your Bucket List. If you have been, you know how magical this part of Italy is. We encourage you to treat yourself and that special someone in your life with “Dreams of the Amalfi Coast” and discover the beautiful fresh flavours of one of the most famous coastlines in the world. Amalfi cuisine is encapsulated by fresh seafood, sparkling lemon, and perfectly ripened vegetables to fill your stomach and your soul. The menu for this class is set out below. Note: tickets for this class are being sold in pairs.


• Huacatay Vinaigrette Quinoa Salad with Mango, Avocado, Roasted Pepper, and Rocota Chili
• Verduras Causa – Whipped Beetroot and Potato, Lima Bean Puree, Aji Salsa, Pickled Beet, Huacatay, and Yam Chips
• Nikkei Ceviche – Wild Sockeye Salmon, Ginger, Avocado with Passion Fruit Ponzu, Wasabi Aioli, and Nori
• Lomo Saltado – Skirt Steak with Onion, Tomatoes, and Peppers with Kennebec Fries

Pasta Like A Pro – Spring In The South – April 27, 2023

Chef Deniz Tarakcioglu invites to join him to explore the regions of Southern Italy dish-by-dish, making each course yourself with expert guidance from our chefs. Roasted vegetables, classical pasta shapes, and delectable sauces will take you along the Mediterranean coastline of one of Italy’s historic regional cuisines. The menu for this class is set out below.


• Roasted Local Asparagus with Vin Cotto, Mortadella and Pecorino Romano, Fine Olive Oil
• Hand Shaped Orecchiette with Fresh Herbs, Olive Oil, Zucchini and Bottarga
• Maccheroni al Ferretto with Fennel Sausage Ragu, Spring Peas and Sheep’s Cheese
• Lemon Cream with Preserved Berries

To see all the classes being offered and or to register, we invite you to visit GourmetWarehouse.ca.

Photo Credit: Gourmet Warehouse

A Stones Throw Beer Dinner – Thursday, June 27th

19 Jun


Campagnolo Roma and Parallel 49 Brewing Co. are partnering to put on A Stones Throw Beer Dinner.  Parallel 49 is located “a stones throw” away from Campagnolo Roma, 2297 East Hastings Street (at Garden Drive) in the rapidly emerging brewery district of Vancouver’s East Village. A Stones Throw is a neighbourly collaboration honouring craft beer and featuring their neighbours, Parallel 49 Brewing Co.  On Thursday, June 27th you are invited to dine around communal tables at Campagnolo Roma and share in a 4 course dinner served ‘alla famiglia’. Chef Nathan Lowey will prepare and pair each dish with beer from Parallel 49 Brewing Co.  The delicious menu includes:


The Cure’s Housemade Salami
Summer pickles, old boy beer mustard
Beer Pairing – Old Boy Classic Ale


Spicy pepperoni, button mushrooms, scamorza cheese
Beer Pairing – Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale


Housemade Pasta
Beef neck and pulled pork ragu
Beer Pairing – Lord of the Hops IPA


Sweetmilk Pana Cotta
Highpoint Farms raspberries & crisp merengue
Beer Pairing – Humphrey Biere De Garde

Dinner starts at 8:30 p.m. and winds up at 10:30 p.m.  Tickets are $61.50 plus Eventbrite surcharge and are available at EventBrite. Price includes tax, gratuity and beer pairings.

Federico’s Supper Club

19 Apr

Federicos_circa_1920 - 30's

The home of Federico’s Supper Club at 1728 Commercial Drive, has a long history of entertainment dating back to the 1920s.  Federico’s Supper Club is located on the same site as the former Grandview Theatre which is pictured to the left in all its former glory.   In later years, this property housed Luigi Moka’s Ristorante where Federico Fuoco grew up watching his father, Gianni Fuoco, entertain the patrons of Luigi’s with his band.

In 1999, Federico Fuoco established his supper club which has predominantly been a venue to dine and dance the night away.   In recent years, Federico’s Supper Club has been offering up a greater variety of events.  Some of the those events include live music featuring the likes of legendary blues musician, Wes Mackey.


Wes Mackey will be performing next Wednesday, April 24th at 8:00 p.m.  Not a show to be missed for any blues lover.  Prior to the show, come early and enjoy $9 pasta dishes during their Pasta Hour Special which runs from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. as well as 50% off select wines.   Pasta Hour Special is offered every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Also, on these days, you have the choice of the Chef’s Tasting Menu which offers you a 6 course Tasting Menu for $49.

This Friday is the return of the Dinner, Comedy and Dance Nights which is a co-production with Jeff Turner Entertainment Group. This is a once a month event. Stay tuned to Federico’s website for upcoming shows. On deck this evening, is Patrick Maliha at 9:15 p.m.  Whether you are coming to dine and dance with a group, or dinner with the family after work,  the food and service at Federico’s Supper Club just can’t be beat.


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