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How To Be At The Cultch April 12-15, 2017

31 Mar

HowToBe-300x240Do you ever wonder how to be in any given situation?  Maybe you ‘should’ have said this, or ‘should’ have done that. What do you think of someone that didn’t say the ‘right’ thing? Whether it’s family, friends or co-workers, we are often second guessing ourselves to what avail? Creator and choreographer Tara Cheyene Friedenberg will endeavor to shed light on our ‘shoulds’, ‘woulds’ and ‘coulds’ by bringing you a blend of dance, theatre and comedy all on one stage in How To Be. This performance has some local talent behind it include Marcus Youssef and Josh Martin. How To Be kicks off April 12 at The Cultch for a short run to April 15th. Tickets are available from $20 online or by phone.

things near + far At The Firehall Arts Centre December 3 – 6

23 Nov

thingsnearandfar2014The Firehall Arts Centre presents an intergenerational dance piece featuring two of Canada’s most famous choreographers who are premiering things near + far from December 3rd to 6th. Two choreographers from opposite ends of Canada, veteran Ottawa dance icon Tedd Robinson and young contemporary Vancouver trailblazer Josh Martin create two new works for the eclectic trio of Anne Cooper, Ziyian Kwan and Ron Stewart. This bold and unusual meeting of generations, ideas and interdisciplinary innovation is completed with original music by electroaccoustic Quebec composer Charles Quevillon and Vancouver’s Stefan Smulovitz.  The work is about both the accumulation and dissipation of what has come before, exploring the past works and bodies these artists have each inhabited in their expansive careers thus far – some together, some apart – triggering a shared state of recall in one another and infusing the movement of this eclectic dance.  These memories are woven together to build a poignant intersection of people and histories, forming the here and now, before again moving outward.  Things near + far runs December 3rd – 6th with a talkback show on December 4th.  Tickets are available online from $22 – $32.


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