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The Father Comes To The Cultch November 20 – 30, 2019

4 Nov

TheFatherTheCultchChristopher Hampton translates French playwright, Florian Zeller’s, award winning play The Father.  Christopher brings this highly acclaimed production to the stage at The Cultch November 20 to 30, 2019.  The play is one that has taken Paris, London and New York by storm and accumulated many awards along the way.  It is a deeply moving production about Andre a man in mental decline.  He can’t remember where he put his watch or why there are strangers in house and asks why people keep moving his furniture. His daughter Anne tries to keep up with all the answers to Andre’s questions.   This November will be the first time this work makes its way to Vancouver.   An important production that many with aging parents will be able to relate to.  Tickets for The Father are now available online and are $40 for adults, but note student and artist tickets are available at $25. To purchase in advance, visit The Cultch.

The Shipment At The Cultch November 22 – December 2, 2017

22 Nov

TheShipmentTheCultch.jpgSpeakEasy Theatre presents the West Coast premiere of a provocative play written by Young Jean Lee called The Shipment. The Shipment is a subversive modern show about black identity meant to wake the world to the ridiculous narratives which are dominant in the media. The cast features five black actors who play a roster of characters that read a bit like a bad b-list of black iconography: the Video Ho, Crackhead John, Bad Cop, Standup Comedian, Drug Dealer Mama, Grandma from Heaven, and Record Company Executive, to name just a few. This mash-up of  stereotypes with clichés, distortions and we hear brilliant sleights of hand are all aimed to force us to go beyond the lampoon and shift the lens through which we perceive race in order to confront our own bias.  The New York Times says this show is “An insightful piece about black identity politics that is daring, provocative, and very, very funny.” The Shipment previews November 22nd and runs to December 2nd. Tickets are available online from The Cultch

How To Be At The Cultch April 12-15, 2017

31 Mar

HowToBe-300x240Do you ever wonder how to be in any given situation?  Maybe you ‘should’ have said this, or ‘should’ have done that. What do you think of someone that didn’t say the ‘right’ thing? Whether it’s family, friends or co-workers, we are often second guessing ourselves to what avail? Creator and choreographer Tara Cheyene Friedenberg will endeavor to shed light on our ‘shoulds’, ‘woulds’ and ‘coulds’ by bringing you a blend of dance, theatre and comedy all on one stage in How To Be. This performance has some local talent behind it include Marcus Youssef and Josh Martin. How To Be kicks off April 12 at The Cultch for a short run to April 15th. Tickets are available from $20 online or by phone.

CREEPS Comes To The Cultch November 30 – December 10, 2016

21 Nov

creepstimmathesonThe play CREEPS premiered in 1971.  At that time, it was David E. Freeman’s first play for which he won the Chalmers Award for Outstanding Play Award, the New York Drama Award for Outstanding New Playright in 1973 and one of the six Edinburgh “Fringe” Festival Awards in 1979.   This is a unique and sometimes dark comedy that features a mix of abilities and as it is set in the 1970s the language from that time will raise some interesting questions.  Three cast members have disabilities and the other 4 cast members are from the professional theatre community. The play features men that work in a workshop doing rather mundane work. They become tired of the way they are treated and end up barricading themselves in a washroom. You are invited to join the cast for an evening of savage wit and uncompromising truth-telling. The play previews November 30th with Opening Night taking place on December 1st. The show runs to December 10th and its run happens to fall on International Day of Disability on December 3rd on which day a 2 for 1 special ticket price is being offered followed by a post-show reception.  Tickets start from $18 and are available online from The Cultch.

Photo Credit: Tim Matheson

Such A Heart As Yours At The Havana Theatre Sept. 28 – Oct. 1

30 Aug

SuchAHeartAsYoursGroupPhotoIf you love Shakespeare, this is the summer for you. There are lots of fun adaptions in Vancouver this summer. We’ve learnt of another coming this September called Such A Heart As Yours.  The Chambers Theatrical Society brings you a tale as old as time.  It goes a little something like this … “Paige is in love with Logan, Logan is in love with Paige, Holly is in love with Travis, Travis is in love with… wait, who is Travis in love with again? And what happened with Holly and Travis the night before they left? Cause they haven’t made eye contact since. So they’re all on a camping trip to the real life Forest of Arden for totally different reasons: for love, for inspiration, for that sweet English weed, but their first night isn’t the educational experience Holly had hoped it would be.  As night falls, everything changes. They start to wonder: is Midsummer just a play or is there a secret about this forest just miles away from Shakespeare’s boyhood home? Plus, Logan is acting really strange – is it magic… or something else? What will daylight bring?” The show runs from September 28th to October 1st at the Havana Theatre on the Drive. Tickets are available online for $25 each or $22 each for groups of 5 or more.  Fair warning or enticement, take it as you will, the show does contain coarse language, sexual content, magic, break ups, hook ups and general tomfoolery. Which personally we think sounds like a lot of fun.

Dark New Comedy ‘All New People’ Comes To Havana Theatre January 17-30

8 Jan

AllNewPeopleHavanaA dark new comedy is coming to Havana Theatre this month called All New People.   Ben Bilodeau, an actor for many years in Vancouver, is making his directorial debut with this fast-paced 4 person play.  The play was created by actor/writer Zach Braff. If the name is not familiar, you may recall him as one of the ‘doctors’ on the TV sitcom Scrubs.  All New People opens with a young, disenchanted Charlie on a chair with an extension cord around his neck, intent on ending his life. Unknowingly, his plans are about to be put on hold with the unexpected arrival of a spiritually misguided, British real estate agent, a Thespian-turned-fireman and a dim-witted, but well-intentioned working girl.  Zach Braff brings you a perky, sitcom-style comedy that we hear is guaranteed to keep you laughing as these unlikely roommates open their hearts to each other and you. All New People runs from January 17 -30. Tickets are $20 and available online from Brown Paper Tickets.

EAT.DRINK.PLAY. At The Firehall Arts Centre June 19th

9 Jun


The Firehall Arts Centre invites you to its annual fundraiser EAT.DRINK.PLAY. being held on Thursday, June 19th from 7 – 10 pm at the Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova Street.  You can expect an unforgettable evening that celebrates locally produced food, drink and performance. The event will showcase a selection of food from Gastown and Railtown’s burgeoning food scene graciously provided by Lily Mae’s, Peckinpah, Cadeaux Bakery, The Irish Heather, Salt Tasting Room, Bitter, Hogan’s Alley Cafe, Deacon’s Corner, Mahoney & Sons, Elephant and Castle, and Scent of a Sandwich. Tastings of micro brewery Parallel 49’s seasonal offerings will be available, plus vodka and crème de cassis from Odd Society Spirits.

The celebration of all things local will continue with a feature ‘taster flight’ of live theatre, dance and music performed around the Firehall building including an acoustic performance by rising theatre star and three-time Jessie Award nominee Kayvon Kelly (Chelsea Hotel) and a performance by Proud star Emmelia Gordon. Throughout the evening, you will also have the opportunity to bid on a fantastic range of items in a silent auction generously donated by local businesses, including Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, TELUS World of Science, PuSH International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festival, SPUD Urban Delivery and Modo Car Co-Op.  All proceeds go toward helping the Firehall bring us fantastic cutting-edge theatre and dance to Vancouver. Tickets are available for $31 which includes food, drink tastings and a drink on arrival. Note, artists tickets are $16.  For ticket information or purchase, call T: 604.689.0926 or visit Firehall Arts Centre.  Come out and support his amazing venue!

Proud On Now At Firehall Arts Centre Until April 26th

12 Apr


Proud is a play written by Michael Healey about the Right Honourable Stephen Harper.   Honestly, who knew Stephen Harper could be so funny! Certainly not I. To me and many others the man is somewhat devoid of personality. Yes he’s a numbers man and many that deal with numbers, can be a bit dry. OK I know this is a generalization. But a play about Stephen Harper, I must say I was intrigued.  Not my favourite person for many personal reasons, but maybe someone who has helped keep the boat afloat during recent economic turbulence.  The play is about the man himself, his right hand man and Chief of Staff, Cary and his new MP Jisbella Lyth.  You will be drawn in from the very first line. The show is hilarious, sexy, witty and foul mouthed at times.  No matter what your politics, there is something from everyone here. Jisbella played by Emmelia Gordon does an amazing job as the new MP and Andrew Wheeler plays an impeccable Stephen Harper. If there is a morale to this story, it would be vote!

Proud is now at the Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova Street, until April 26th Tuesday – Saturday 4:00 pm & 8:00 pm shows and Sunday shows at 2:00 pm. Tickets range from $15 – $30. There is also a 1:00 pm Pay What You Can Matinee on Wednesdays. If you wish to laugh out loud and be wickedly entertained, see Proud.

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