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Valentine’s Day … This Year We Could All Use Some Love

6 Feb

rocksvalentinesdayValentine’s Day is just around the corner and we know that a number of people are opposed to the day itself in principal because really for those you love and care about, you shouldn’t need a reminder one day of the year to express yourself. But this year, to be honest, I think we could all use a little love. With world news being what it is these days, it’s rather disheartening, whether you are talking travel bans, or the recent events in Quebec and France. We could go on, but won’t. Instead, we’d prefer to focus on the positive and what you can do to make someone feel just a little bit better. It could mean buying or making something small for someone, or just taking some time out to spend with someone.  It could be a dinner for two with your partner in life, or your best friend or maybe a new friend. It could be as simple as a sweet treat and a card, a single flower or plant, a coffee/tea/cocktail or dog walk in the park, or doing something kind for a stranger. No matter the what, it is the action in doing and saying I value you and honestly, we think we could all use a bit of these days. So we’ve set out just a few ideas and some local businesses you can support while at the same time making someone feel special.

If you are looking for a romantic dinner out for two, no one quite does it like the French, we love Les Faux Bourgeois in Mount Pleasant and their Valentine’s Day menu is up on their site. Also, Bistro Wagon Rogue on Powell Street has a great menu, but note it is a small venue.  If you are thinking Italian, Federico’s Supper Club is offering a ‘full evening of love to share’ with a special Valentine’s Dinner for $80 per person which includes a 4 course meal, live music and dancing. Of course, Campagnola Roma is another great option as is Ask For Luigi.

Of course, there is always the option to eat in in which case, there are many great spots that can provide some help even if you are not the best cook. Gourmet Warehouse has a freezer section with some pre-made items as does Les Amis du Fromage on East Hastings plus great cheese to start or finish off the evening.   For dessert, we have so many favourites, but a few that come to mind include Fratelli Bakery on Commercial Drive, Batard Bakery and Breka Bakery on Fraser Street. Of course, Batard is situated nicely steps away from Earnest Ice Cream which we think is pretty perfect.

Looking for flowers, we have so many great florist shops in East Vancouver and red roses can be a little cliché for some and not to mention overpriced on Valentine’s Day. There are so many other flowers to choose from and great florists in East Van who will be happy to help you with some alternatives to roses. Check out Flower Factory on Main Street, The Flower Box on Commercial Drive and Full Bloom Flowers tucked behind Uprising Breads which incidently is now stocking some beautiful handmade jewellery from local artisans. If you know someone how loves nature, then we invite you to check out East Van artist, June Hunter, who is having a Valentine’s Studio Sale this weekend February 11th & 12th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at her studio on 2785 Parker Street.

If you are looking for a special gift for Valentine’s Day, there are an array of choices in East Van. Our recommendation is to think personal.  If it’s sexy you want, Womyns’ Ware on Commercial Drive is your spot. Now if that’s too adventurous, Second Nature Home has some amazing soy candles that double as massage oil/body wax once melted by Earth To Body. They come in two sizes, minis for $5 and $21 for a jar, no breaking the bank here.  If it’s jewellery you are after, we see that local maker Devi Arts also has a nice selection of jewellery at Second Nature Home.  The Little Mountain Pop Up Shop on Main Street is having a Pop Up Shop For Lovers February 4th – 14th with lots of great gifts by local makers.  If chocolate is on your list, Lisa Lou’s Chocolate Bar and Beta 5 Chocolates will have something special for those wishing to give something sweet.

It’s not how much money you spend, it is all about making a small effort to make someone feel valued. It will make them feel better and we are pretty sure, it will make you feel better as well. Show some love this Valentine’s Day. sandheartestyzesty






A Short Play Festival About Love Takes Place At Havana Theatre June 14-18

6 Jun

AboutLoveFestivalThe Tomo Suru Players brings you 8 short plays that will be performed every night between June 14th and 18th at the Havana Theatre. And yes, it’s all about love!  And YOU the audience will get to vote on ‘Best Play’, ‘Notable Performances’ and ‘Notable Directions’.  These 8 plays have been hand picked from 198 plays that were submitted from six countries between January and March of this year.  A panel of 16 readers read each and every play that made the short list that you see below. 

Anniversary by Ronit Rubinstein – Directed by Nick Heffelfinger

A young couple celebrates their first wedding anniversary and can’t keep their hands off each other. An older couple celebrates thirty years together, and can’t keep their bickering off each other. Four lovers, major differences, but they have something in common.

Is This Seat Taken by Brad Sytsma –   Directed by Ariel Martz-Oberlander

Two people with a long history meet for what is supposed to be the last time. Perhaps this is a chance to finally lay aside their egos and their past. Where is the line between putting in the necessary effort, and forcing something to work that doesn’t? It looks like it runs right down the middle of this park bench.

Morning by Jesse Nepivoda –   Directed by Johnny Wu

Lovers caught in the midst of a struggle between staying or leaving. Man wants Woman to stay with him. Woman wants to stay but can’t. Woman has a life. A whole life of her very own and none of it is here. Man could go with her but will he?

Northern Lights by Jordan Henry – Directed by Georgia Johnson

A close encounter with death shines light on irreconcilable differences between two newlyweds-to-be.

Small Talk by David MacGregor – Directed by Shelby Bushell

In great moments it may be that success is in the small points. Sometimes we need help finding the greatness among the small.

Square Footage by Jessica Moss – Directed by John Dickinson

Space is fleeting, space is finite and, ultimately, space is what you need to love a person. Watch Maggie and Nate contend with the space for everything that needs space in Square Footage.

Standing Room Only by C.J. Ehrlich – Directed by Michael Q. Adams

What happens on a crowded ferry with a woman who is so distraught about love that she won’t give up a spare seat? Add a stranger and you have a funny, touching story that explores the human side of people’s lives.

Tell Me What You See by Richard Manley – Directed by Allie Pev

What do you make of the stranger beside you? What do you make of them when they surprise you? What do you make of yourself?

We think these short plays will provide for some interesting entertainment. Tickets are available online from Brown Paper Tickets and are on a sliding scale.  You are asked to choose the price that fits your budget. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday tickets are available at $10, $15, $20, $25, $30.  Friday and Saturday tickets are available from $15, $20, $25, $30

The Motherf**ker with the Hat At The Firehall Arts Centre January 16 – 30, 2016

16 Dec

HatAn interesting show is premiering in Vancouver in the New Year at the Firehall Arts Centre. The Motherf**ker with the Hat is the inaugural production of Haberdashery Theatre Co., a company whose mandate is to contribute to the local theatre scene by doing edgier, issue driven plays.  This story features 12 Steps, 3 Heart, 1 Hat as well as love and addiction.  The story begins in New York City and moves to the Downtown Eastside.  It features Jackie an ex-con and addict who is determined to stay clean and get his life back track with the help of his sponsor.  Jackie’s efforts are challenged by Veronica, the love of his life, who is an alcoholic/addict and he suspects is cheating on him with a  ‘mofo’ with a hat. The play is being billed as “blisteringly funny and poignant”.    The Motherf**ker with the Hat previews January 16th at 8:00 pm and continues until January 30th at the Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova Street. Tickets are available online from $16 – $33 and Wednesday matinee shows are Pay What You Can.

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