A Short Play Festival About Love Takes Place At Havana Theatre June 14-18

6 Jun

AboutLoveFestivalThe Tomo Suru Players brings you 8 short plays that will be performed every night between June 14th and 18th at the Havana Theatre. And yes, it’s all about love!  And YOU the audience will get to vote on ‘Best Play’, ‘Notable Performances’ and ‘Notable Directions’.  These 8 plays have been hand picked from 198 plays that were submitted from six countries between January and March of this year.  A panel of 16 readers read each and every play that made the short list that you see below. 

Anniversary by Ronit Rubinstein – Directed by Nick Heffelfinger

A young couple celebrates their first wedding anniversary and can’t keep their hands off each other. An older couple celebrates thirty years together, and can’t keep their bickering off each other. Four lovers, major differences, but they have something in common.

Is This Seat Taken by Brad Sytsma –   Directed by Ariel Martz-Oberlander

Two people with a long history meet for what is supposed to be the last time. Perhaps this is a chance to finally lay aside their egos and their past. Where is the line between putting in the necessary effort, and forcing something to work that doesn’t? It looks like it runs right down the middle of this park bench.

Morning by Jesse Nepivoda –   Directed by Johnny Wu

Lovers caught in the midst of a struggle between staying or leaving. Man wants Woman to stay with him. Woman wants to stay but can’t. Woman has a life. A whole life of her very own and none of it is here. Man could go with her but will he?

Northern Lights by Jordan Henry – Directed by Georgia Johnson

A close encounter with death shines light on irreconcilable differences between two newlyweds-to-be.

Small Talk by David MacGregor – Directed by Shelby Bushell

In great moments it may be that success is in the small points. Sometimes we need help finding the greatness among the small.

Square Footage by Jessica Moss – Directed by John Dickinson

Space is fleeting, space is finite and, ultimately, space is what you need to love a person. Watch Maggie and Nate contend with the space for everything that needs space in Square Footage.

Standing Room Only by C.J. Ehrlich – Directed by Michael Q. Adams

What happens on a crowded ferry with a woman who is so distraught about love that she won’t give up a spare seat? Add a stranger and you have a funny, touching story that explores the human side of people’s lives.

Tell Me What You See by Richard Manley – Directed by Allie Pev

What do you make of the stranger beside you? What do you make of them when they surprise you? What do you make of yourself?

We think these short plays will provide for some interesting entertainment. Tickets are available online from Brown Paper Tickets and are on a sliding scale.  You are asked to choose the price that fits your budget. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday tickets are available at $10, $15, $20, $25, $30.  Friday and Saturday tickets are available from $15, $20, $25, $30

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