Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates – Fraser Edition: March 12th

3 Mar


Richard Wolak of Vancouver Foodster is bringing his next Tasting Plates event to the Fraserhood.  What is Tasting Plates?  It is basically a culinary roving tour that takes place at different food and/or beverage establishments.  You register for the event at the designated spot in this case, Graze Restaruant, 3980 Fraser Street. You show your printed or digital tickets that you purchased online and in turn receive your Tasting Plate Cards.  Thereafter, you wander whether by bike, foot, car or transit to the various venues and nibble away to your hearts content. Each location will have specific menu items on offer for the Tasting Plates.

Now the Fraserhood is a place that is near and dear to my heart having grown up just off Fraser Street and East 11th Avenue. I have watched this stretch of road evolve over the years and some are calling Fraser Street the new Main Street with lots of great shops popping up of every variety. On March 12th, the Tasting Plates will focus on the area of Fraser Street from 28th Avenue going Northbound. You will start the event at Graze Restaurant where you will obtain your Tasting Plates Cards.  Graze is a vegan planted based restaurant that whips up some amazing dishes from locally and organically sourced products to some rave reviews I might add.  Pizza Carano, 4241 Fraser Street, makes non-traditional neapolitan-style pizza with some unique ingredients including kale. Some of their latest creations have created some serious Twitter buzz.  Now a personal favourite on the tour is Earnest Ice Cream, 3992 Fraser Street, located next to Graze Restaurant which makes amazing ice cream from locally sourced seasonal products. Expect to find some delicious flavours including salted caramel, whiskey hazelnut and chocolate among others. Earnest also offers unique seasonal flavours available for a limited time like cinnamon heart and pumpkin pie spice.  I will be curious to hear what flavour(s) will be on offer for the Tasting Plates.

Other spots on the Tasting Plates tour include Tigers Drink House,  Kilimanjaro Snack House, Merienda Bake Shop, Say Y Limon (which means ‘salt and lime’). Scout Magazine recently did a pictorial and tasting of this spot in February to great reviews for this busy spot. By all accounts, Tasting Plates Fraser Edition will be a delicious event with more venues being added as the date arrives.  Tickets for this event are $40 and available online at Eventbrite, or $120 for a 4 pak of tickets. Tickets purchased after March 10th, will be $50. The event kicks off at 6:00 p.m. and goes till 9:30 p.m.
Photo Credit: Graze Restaurant (1st photo), Earnest Ice Cream (2nd)

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