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8th Annual Free Community Square Dance At The Cultch September 23rd

31 Aug

SquareDanceTheCultch.jpgYou are invited to the 8th Annual Free Community Square Dance being held at The Cultch on Friday, September 23rd.  This is a family friendly dance featuring caller Paul Silveria, who also goes by the name of Professor Banjo. There will be live music by The New Short Mountain Deadbeats who will entertain you with old-time string band music. The square dancing is aimed for a beginner friendly environment. For those that need a lesson or a refresher, Paul will be teaching all the moves on the spot. So no previous experience is required, just come on down. This event is an all ages event and is open to everyone.  Although free, an RSVP is requested.  The fun kicks off at 7:00 pm and goes till 10:00 pm. Bring your dancing shoes.

Such A Heart As Yours At The Havana Theatre Sept. 28 – Oct. 1

30 Aug

SuchAHeartAsYoursGroupPhotoIf you love Shakespeare, this is the summer for you. There are lots of fun adaptions in Vancouver this summer. We’ve learnt of another coming this September called Such A Heart As Yours.  The Chambers Theatrical Society brings you a tale as old as time.  It goes a little something like this … “Paige is in love with Logan, Logan is in love with Paige, Holly is in love with Travis, Travis is in love with… wait, who is Travis in love with again? And what happened with Holly and Travis the night before they left? Cause they haven’t made eye contact since. So they’re all on a camping trip to the real life Forest of Arden for totally different reasons: for love, for inspiration, for that sweet English weed, but their first night isn’t the educational experience Holly had hoped it would be.  As night falls, everything changes. They start to wonder: is Midsummer just a play or is there a secret about this forest just miles away from Shakespeare’s boyhood home? Plus, Logan is acting really strange – is it magic… or something else? What will daylight bring?” The show runs from September 28th to October 1st at the Havana Theatre on the Drive. Tickets are available online for $25 each or $22 each for groups of 5 or more.  Fair warning or enticement, take it as you will, the show does contain coarse language, sexual content, magic, break ups, hook ups and general tomfoolery. Which personally we think sounds like a lot of fun.

Gourmet Warehouse Offering Delish Cooking Classes This September

29 Aug

SushiWorkshopThe Gourmet Warehouse has another round of delicious cooking classes lined up for this Fall. These classes are a great way to spend an afternoon and meet some like-minded food lovers. Personally, we like the shopping after the cooking class as participants are offered a 10% discount for purchases made the day of your class. We have set out below some of the upcoming classes that caught our eye.  For a full line up of all the classes Gourmet Warehouse is offering visit Cooking Classes.

Sushi Workshop – Saturday, September 17th 11:00 am ($69) SOLD OUT

In this hands-on class, Chef Cindy Low is going to teach you how to make sushi.  You will learn to make vinegared sushi rice, how to mix wasabi, how to prepare a variety of fillings including seafood, vegetarian, tofu and eggs.  As well, Chef Low will teach how to make sushi rolls, cones and a variety of shapes as well as tips on how to host your own ‘do it yourself’ sushi party.  Some of the sushi you will learn to make include:

• California rolls (crab, avocado, cucumber, rolled “inside out”)
• Futomaki (thick roll with vegetables, omelet, Japanese pickled vegetables)
• Hoso maki (thin rolls, with various fillings, such as salmon, tuna, cucumber)
• Inari sushi (stuffed tofu pouches)
• Temaki (cones, with various fillings)
• Nigiri sushi (rice with a sliced topping)
• Gunkan sushi (rice wrapped with seaweed with various fillings)
• Onigiri (rice triangles)
• Miso soup with tofu

Taco Night– Saturday, September 24th 11:00 am ($65)

In this demonstration cooking class, Chef Cindy Low is going to teach you three different ways to make very tasty tacos. She will also teach you how to make homemade salsa and Mexican brownies. These really are simple the dishes to make, so for the novice wishing to learn a few skills, you won’t be disappointed.  Some of the delicious dishes you will learn to make include:

• Classic Tex-Mex tacos – crispy taco shell with ground beef, tomatoes,
cheese, lettuce, sour cream, avocado
• Chicken fajitas – marinated chicken breast with bell peppers and onions wrapped
in a wheat tortilla
• Salmon tacos with papaya salsa, soft corn tortilla
• Easiest ever homemade salsa, served with tortilla chips
• Mexican brownies

 Flavours of Vietnam – Sunday, September 25th 11:00 am ($65)

In this demonstration cooking class, Thompson Tran is going to teach you how to make classic Vietnamese dishes. He will focus on family budgets, what’s local and in season all in the pursuit of our favourite thing, delicious food  As always, you are encouraged to come hungry, you will be eating the items made in class. Thompson has chosen three Vietnamese dishes that are simple, inexpensive quick and healthy. What you will learn to make includes:

• Appetizer: “CHA GOI, NUOC MAM PHA” (Gluten free spring rolls & Nuoc Cham)
• Main: “Ca KHO TO, COM VA SU XAO TOI” (Caramelized tilapia with scented
jasmine rice and garlic chayote)
• Dessert: “CHE XOI NUOC” (Mochi dumplings in coconut ginger syrup).

If you are interested in any of the cooking classes, be sure to register early to avoid disappointment, classes do sell out. Bon Appetit!


Foto Friday – Vancouver Mural Fest – Amazing Street Art

26 Aug


MuralFestPolarBear2Did you catch Vancouver’s Inaugural Mural Fest on Saturday, August 20th?  We caught some of it and were excited by the energy, artistry and collaboration that went into this amazing event.  If you missed the festival, you have ample time to take a walk and/or cycle anytime and take in the newest murals created on the East side of the city.  Many of the murals are located in and around the Mount Pleasant area, but there are a few spread out a bit further like the walls of MakerLabs.  We actually had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists, Ben Tour, just prior to the inaugural event whose mural is now located at 49th Parallel Coffee on Main Street. We enjoyed a fun evening hosted by Ford Canada celebrating the Vancouver Mural Fest with a scavenger hunt and an opportunity to drive the new Ford Fusion 2017. The icing on the cake for that evening was the opportunity to create our own graffiti street art under the guidance of Ben Tour, but we won’t be showcasing ours. We’ll leave that to the true artists. Speaking of which, we have included some photos of some of the new murals that went up during the Vancouver Mural Fest. There are some 40 odd murals so these photos are only a small representation of what was created, but we have to say the polar bear in a bottle is our personal favourite. We understand this was created by an  international artist, but the message within the bottle speaks volumes.  We look forward to checking out more of the murals and encourage you to take a walk and/or cycle to see what’s been created. There are, of course, lots of stops along the way to refresh, be it beer, coffee or ice cream along the way.  We are looking forward to seeing what next year brings and give high marks to all those that helped make this event happen in Vancouver.


Vancouver Fringe Festival Presents Give It Up At The Cultch September 8-18, 2016

24 Aug

Give It Up Wide (1)

The Vancouver Fringe Festival happens September 8th to September 18th at various venues around the City. Another upcoming show we have our eye on is the premiere of comedian Morgan Brayton’s one-person show ‘Give It Up’. Morgan has been working away for 30 years in film, television, theatre and comedy.  She is now questioning her life and more specifically if this is it?  She wants to know what happened to her big break?  Did she miss it? Why hasn’t SNL called yet?  In her one-woman show, Morgan weaves decades of performing experiences and anecdotes along with career highs and lows.  She has quit the industry several times, only to return (three times now and counting). She has turned her life’s work into a one-hour comedy show which is a mix of true stories peppered with portrayals of outlandish characters met along her career path.   Morgan Brayton is also a Canadian Comedy Award nominee and Vancouver Fringe Fest Critic’s Choice Award winner.  You are invited to check out her one-woman show which is taking place at The Cultch on September 8th at7:15 pm, September 10th at 8:45 pm, September 14th (5:00 pm for a half price show), Thursday September 15th at 10:30 pm, Friday, September 16th at 6:45 pm and Sunday, September 18th at Noon.   Tickets are $14 plus a $5 Vancouver Fringe Festival Membership and are available online at

Mosaic Stepping Stone Project This September At Sunset Community Centre

23 Aug

MosaicSteppingStoneYou are invited to learn the art of mosaics at the Sunset Community Centre this September.  They will be hosting 3 free workshops for their Mosaic Stepping Stone Project which will be led by an experienced artist.    You will learn to create glass tile mosaic stepping stones. The mosaic stepping stones you create will be installed in an outdoor space adjacent to the community centre’s lobby.  Your creative work will then become part of the community for all to see and enjoy. The first workshop gets underway on Monday, September  5th at 10:30 am and is scheduled to be a two hour Family Workshop. The next two hour workshop gets underway on Friday, September 16th at 2:00 pm and is scheduled as an Adult Workshop  with a Youth Workshop to follow later in the day at 4:15 pm. Again, the workshops are free and materials will be supplied.  Step up and get creative.

Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival September 17th & Lantern Workshops

22 Aug


The Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival returns Saturday, September 17, 2016. If you are unfamiliar with this event, the 1st annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival took place in 2003 and was created by artist Carmen Rosen in collaboration with the community. This event celebrates the full moon and harvest abundance while honouring diverse cultural traditions. The moon festival will highlight art, music and environmental stewardship. The event gets under way with the Harvest Fair at 4:00 pm which will feature a number of booths from local organizations, artisans, and non-profit groups. There will also be live music, a selection of hot food and their infamous Harvest Fair competition.

At 7:00 pm, the Twilight Lantern Walk begins with a parade of lanterns from Slocan Park to Renfrew Park which is led by a giant moon lantern. You are invited to bring your own lantern and walk the trails along the ravine accompanied by live music as night falls. Passing by the river-stone labyrinth, the procession will be invited to a walking meditation surrounded by music and light. The parade then passes by other lantern installations and surprise performances until it reaches Renfrew Park at nightfall, for more live music, food and of course, the moon.

Leading up to the big event on September 17th, there will be a number of events including workshops for making lanterns. There are three types of lanterns being made, including globe lanterns, salmon lanterns and glass jar lanterns. There is a small cost for making GlassJarLanternsBenRosen-Purcelleach lantern which varies between $10 and $25 depending on which lantern you choose to make. All workshops will be held at the Slocan Park Field House at 2750 E. 29th Avenue which is located next to the 29th Avenue Skytrain Station. We have set out the dates of the workshops below:


September 6th: Globe Lanterns
September 7th: Globe lanterns
September 8th: Salmon Lanterns
September 9th: Salmon Lanterns
September 12th: Globe Lanterns
September 13th: Globe Lanterns
September 14th: Glass Jar Lanterns
September 15th: Glass Jar Lanterns

 For more details, visit  Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival or their Facebook page. This is a great community event that is fun for all ages along with great photo opportunities.

Photo Credit:Glass Jar Lanterns by Ben Rosen-Purcell

The Little Mountain Pop Up Shop Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary August 16-21

18 Aug

OneYearLittleMountainPopUpThe Little Mountain Pop Up Shop is a great space located at 4386 Main Street. If you haven’t already checked out this amazing space, we highly recommend you do. Outside of it being a beautiful space run by two fantastic ladies, it is an entrepreneurial hub. Right now, creators of this space, Natasha and Alice are celebrating 1 year in this space. They have created an amazing showcase of over 20 local makers for a special One Year Anniversary Pop Up Shop which includes:

Explorer’s Press
Bag Of Holding
Missy May Bags
SAXX Underwear
Nine O’Clock Gun
Smash + Tess
Tuck Shop Trading Co.
Feelin’ It Decals
Lisa Warren Pottery
G Ceramic And Co
Agnes in August
Lover’s Tempo
Amara Blue Designs
Wheat Kids Clothing
Glitter & Spice
Beauty In The Backcountry
Peregrine Supply Co.
West Coast & Co
Sarah Hammond Studio
Tuzla Interiors

One of many makers participating in this Pop Up Shop is East Van’s Amara Blue Designs. Creator, Kassandra Taylor, makes beautiful hand stamped jewellery which will be available for this Pop Up Shop.

On Thursday, August 18th, you are invited to a celebration night with treats from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm which will feature Salt Spring Coffee cold brews and beers from Postmark Brewing. All donations will go toward a friend’s Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraiser. The Pop Up Shop is open 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily until Sunday, August 21st

Vine Arts Festival Happens August 17-20

17 Aug

WebOver 40 artists will be participating in the 2nd Annual Vine Arts Festival starting August 17th. This is a community-driven event which features visual and performing artists along with eco-conscious community leaders, herbalists, musicians, urban farmers and woodcarvers.  The festival is a celebration of the Coast Salish landscape with a focus on re-wilding the city. There are a number of performances and eco-events taking place in 4 East Vancouver parks specifically Maclean Park, Norquay Park, Trout Lake Park and Pandora Park.  At one of the events, Lori Wiedenhammer, author of Victory Garden For Bees will be on hand running workshops as will Lori Snyder, who is a First Nations herbalist and urban foraging expert. An interesting new addition to this year’s festival includes the  Grass-Roots Project. The director, Heather Lamoureux has commissioned three activists to create works focusing on art as a tool for social change. Also, there will be a ‘teaser showcase’ of an upcoming youth project from The Only Animal Theatre Company which will be premiering at the Vancouver Fringe Festival called ‘Generation Hot’.  For a full rundown of what events are happening in which park, we invite you to check out their website which has all the details.  Note, all the events are free and the main event takes place this Saturday, August 20th at Trout Lake/John Hendry Park from Noon to 7:00 pm.  

Vines Art Festival Photo (4)

The Drive Coffee Bar (formerly Café Napoli) Featuring East Van Artists

15 Aug

Clint EastwoodWe recently sat down with Kenny Vannucci, co-owner of The Drive Coffee Bar (formerly Café Napoli) on Commercial Drive near 1st Avenue.  This coffee shop has been transformed from its former space with white walls, a unique coffee bar and some beautiful brick work. One feature wall in the back showcases all of Kenny’s photos taken around East Van. The rest of the space has been set aside to showcase East Van artists.  The Drive Coffee Bar doesn’t take commissions, but encourages the artists to host a gallery night during the month. The current artist featured caught our eye, Kathryn McPhee.  She has a great eye for colour and applies elements of graffiti and animation.  She uses oil pastels, acrylics and spray paint. Kathryn has been drawing and painting since she was a child and currently works out of The Arts Factory which is a mixed-use arts facility in a transformed warehouse at 281 Industrial Avenue.   Last year, Kathryn participated in the Eastside Culture Crawl for the first time and her work was showcased at the Firehall Culture Crawl Exhibition which featured the works of new artists. She currently keeps busy with commissioned works, but she will be hosting a Gallery Night at The Drive Coffee Bar on Wednesday, August 24th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Kathryn will be on hand to chat and has some local musicians lined up for the evening including Sadie Campbell and Cam Labelle doing an acoustic set. Stop by and check out this talented artist and this great new space on the Drive.

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