A Walk On The Drive

30 Mar

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 356

For many, the heart of East Vancouver is ‘The Drive’ as it is fondly known. It is the stretch of Commercial Drive that runs 21 blocks from Venables at the north end to 13th Avenue at the south end.  It is one of my favourite destinations in East Vancouver.   A few stops I love to make are the First Ravioli Store, 1900 Commercial Drive, for the City’s best fresh pasta.  Or for a vast selection of cheese, not to mention hearty sandwhiches made to order at the La Grotta del Formaggio, 1791 Commercial Drive.   Every birthday I only ever request one cake and that’s the Saint Honore cake from  Fratelli’s Authentic Italian Bakery, 1795 Commercial Drive.  If you take a left at Venables and walk a block east to Uprising Breads, 1697 Venables Street, you will find some of the best gingersnap cookies in town.   As always, there is a lot of hustle and bustle on The Drive on a beautiful sunny day.   This is what it looked like today in photos.

Photo Credit: CreatEveInVan

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 353

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 385ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 303

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 368

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 357

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 381

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 330

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 305

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 316

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 383

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 363

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 309

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 388

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 301

ILiveInEastVanMarch302013 352

2 Responses to “A Walk On The Drive”

  1. Kath March 30, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

    Now II definitely want to get some Fratelli’s cake! Have you tried Falconetti’s sausages to go? You have to get there early ’cause they sell out!

    • createveinvan March 30, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

      Kath, Falconetti’s is on my list of places to try. I have heard great things. Thanks for the reminder! Walked by there today, everything looked fantastic.

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