Silk Road Dishcrawl on Commercial Drive April 16th

3 Apr


What is Dishcrawl you might ask?  The concept is billed as “food, fun and exploration”.   Dishcrawl emerged in San Francisco in 2010 and is expanding to a number of major cities including Vancouver.  Each city has an Ambassador that organizes culinary walking tours.  The Ambassador takes the group from restaurant to restaurant to try dishes chosen for their tour.

In the upcoming tour taking place on April 16th, Vancouver Ambassador, Yana Kim, will take you on a Silk Road Adventure.   The tour highlights restaurants along Commercial Drive. You will be visiting 4 restaurants which are currently being kept secret.  Ssshh … but hint they are being announced on Dishcrawl’s Twitter account (Twitter@DishcrawlVan) if you wish to sign up for the latest details.  One restaurant has been announced which is  Carthage Café, 1851 Commercial Drive. Carthage Cafe features French and Tunisian cuisine.   Dishcrawl promises an unforgettable evening for the senses which will take you from India to Europe.   To participate in this exotic gastronomic adventure, tickets are $60 and can be purchased online at Dishcrawl.

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