It’s Spot Prawn Season Now … Time to Feast!

1 Jun


Twitter is a flutter with the arrival of spot prawns this season which, as many of you know, are  only available for a short period of time.  Spot prawns usually arrive in May and are only available into the early part of June. So get them while they are here.  If you are a cook, make your way over to Wheelhouse Seafoods, 2605 East Hastings Street, which has a fresh daily supply. They also have lots of other great fresh fish on hand perfect for throwing on the BBQ now that the warmer weather is finally here.  As an added bonus, Wheelhouse Seafood has recently started carrying Earnest Ice Cream.  I have it on good authority that they are now stocked up with 6 flavours including Brown Butter Almond Praline, yum!  I have also heard that Wheelhouse Seafoods has a great seafood chowder that is made fresh daily.

Now there is another way to experience a spot prawn feast brought to you by Campagnolo Restaurant, 1020 Main Street. They are offering a Spot Prawn Boil on Wednesday, June 5th at 7:00 p.m. for $59. The price includes beer, tax and gratuity.  The event will be held in their upstairs dining room where all the guests will be seated at communal tables. You will all  share in a massive boil of BC spot prawns, Sawmill Bay claims and house-made chorizo sausage and seasonal vegetables.   R&B Brewing Co. is providing the beer.  If you prefer wine with your dinner, Campagnolo’s invites you to bring your own wine with no corkage fee attached.  Campagnolo’s does have a great selection of Rieslings available at an additional cost. To ensure your place at the table, tickets can be purchased at:

I would say it’s time to feast!

Photo Courtesy: Island Vittles


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