The Art of Stealing At The Firehall Arts Centre May 28 – May 31

26 May

The Art of Stealing - R-L Manuel Sorge, Heather Laura Gray, Amber Funk Barton, Maiko Miyauchi, Lexi Vajda, & Kevin Tookey - credit Chris Barton 2

The Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova Street, presents The Art of Stealing beginning this Wednesday, May 28th.  This show premieres new work based on the action of stealing. It is choreographed and directed by Amber Funk Barton who is also one of the performers. A gang of six survivors work together and against each other, striving to manipulate, compete and endure in a mysterious, post-apocalyptic world. This exploration of transformation, survival and death from critically acclaimed contemporary dance company, the response, uses Amber Funk Barton’s  visceral, high-energy choreography to delve into the idea of stealing – what we take from each other, both physically and emotionally.  The gang struggle between conflict and cooperation, but the ultimate thief in life will outlast them all.  The Art of Stealing begins May 28th and runs to May 31st  tickets start at $27 and are available online at Firehall Arts Centre.

 “Her stuff is physical to the point of explosive, and impossible to forget.”
The Georgia Straight

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