The Storm Crow Tavern’s MicroFiction Contest On Now Until July 17th

1 Jul

TalesFromTheBeerMatThe Storm Crow Tavern, 1305 Commercial Drive, is self-admittedly the City’s premiere nerd bar. This restaurant and bar is a spot where you can find fellow gamers, sci-fi and fantasy nuts while drinking a microbrew and playing board games. There is a big screen TV, but you won’t find a sports game showing here, but you will find showings of sci-fi, fantasy and horror flicks.

This summer, The Storm Crow Tavern, is offering something very unique. An opportunity for you to write a bit of microfiction, win prizes and have your story placed on a beermat for all to see and read. What exactly is ‘microfiction’? Their definition is 250 words or less.   The winning stories will have their microfiction placed on their new coasters.   The contest is open to everyone and the deadline is July 17th.  As mentioned, this is Vancouver’s nerd bar, so although all genres are accepted, we are guessing they will lean to those with a sci-fi, fantasy or horror theme.   For your efforts, you will have the opportunity to win:

First Prize: $500 + $100 gift card
Second Prize: $250  + $100 gift card
Third Prize: $100  + $50 gift card
Honorable Mention: $50  + $50 gift card

The finalists will be judged by their panel of notable local authors including:

Kristi Charish
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Peter Darbyshire

You are invited to submit your entry by July 17th  along with a 25-50 word biographical sketch of yourself. Check out the following link at Storm Crow Tavern which sets out the rules and entry form. If you have questions, you can email them at

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